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j-hicks2416 vs. Jix


11:31 pm
February 4, 2008



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you couldn’t touch this, even if this s**t was braille //
it’s fine to act hard, but obviously b*tch we know you’re stale //
take a bite outta rhyme, you outta lines, but you want mine //
don’t act like a pussy and get f**ked from behind //

ya girl sayin she don’t need ya, cuz ya don’t please ‘er //
you ain’t got no game, couldn’t even get your mom to breast feed ya //
eitha, even if you think you gonna win this hands down //
think again, u ain’t even surpassin the 1st round //

dawg, music is my life, i eat sleep an breath rap //
heads ova hot water, scared? this is how i tease cats //
thinkin wit they ability, they can scratch the surface //
man i hope u got insurance on this battle, cuz ya talents worthless //

your mouths so big, but your rhymes are so void //
haven’t you ever, shoulda been reffered to rap steroids //
sure enough you’ll be quick to leave without a trace //
once i say the best part of you ran down yo mommas legs //




hope u post somethin soon. lol i’m ready to battle :)

” you can’t blame me, for i’m the product that you made me. “


11:54 pm
February 4, 2008



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This is definetly one of the best i’ve seen outta ya. Keep it up!



12:29 am
February 5, 2008



Posts: 15


damn we running different races //
first verse in hes stickin it in weird places//
im shakin my head, he’s foldin over more times//
then a man up against 4 aces//

imma transform battle rap n shape shift//
talkin bout bendin so much like he outta da matrix//
only thing going to be left of him is residue like mary j traces//
poor guy coloring outside of lines cuz he aint keepin it basic//

hows is it you talking about rears//
cuz im pretty sure chciks aint date queers//
so the stealin act has been nominated for screenplay of the year//
ill take a picture from my bedroom bangin ur mom with the tag wish you were here//

to finish strong im bring the final four//
if your rap styles amazing then clear the floor//
cuz we about hear hip hop drop dead from a snore//
cuz weak ryhmes like yours kid is the reason i make these jokes for…//

12:31 am
February 6, 2008



Posts: 64


heres my last one, it’s not as great as the first, but it’s something…. i need to take my time doin these




one thing dawg, the only thing thats runnin is your mouth //
you’re right this is a race, an i’m winnin’ this one, no doubt //
i’ma shift you outta shape, bend you like a metal plate //
i shoulda told your parents you’d be a mistake //

but ya daddys condom broke, the game takes you as a joke //
you ain’t gotta stress dude, this is not a hoax //
they made a site for you, called the shadowville AM- //
you’re lyrics look like even wit structure it wouldn’t stand //

you could try a little harder at this battlin’ mode //
like you was ready to get ya noodle wet, you actin like a choad //
i ain’t suprised that you had to lie about this //
this the best your lyrics will get, don’t cry i know ya sensative //

i am the matrix, i’ll intentionally slow it down //
an let you catch you’re breath for another-nother round //
i hope that you bring the heat, as of late it’s been icey //
blah blah blah is all i see, come on b*tch, try me! //

” you can’t blame me, for i’m the product that you made me. “

1:14 am
February 6, 2008



Posts: 15


he trippin over his sexual preference//
cuz he got more gay pride then richard simmons residence//
talkin bout shape shift is that your new way of sayin anal rapist//
you the only half weight crook whos ass alone is in AFES//

you talkin like you winnin the bout one round you out//
this is battle rap not your one min bedroom spout//
im sorry did i reveal your small cocks E true hollywood story//
cause serious your attempt at being tuff is really jus a bore b//

another thing you makin me out to be a b*tch//
but you running around town with a slit for a d**k//
homie if u wan be chick they got surgery get spadez to get you on the list//
the way your talkin you sense uyou really stepped in s**t//

funny how is it was just to out skill yea//
i made all jokes thats all it took to to kill yea//
so if your are the realest then why nobody bill yea//
so let me tell how it is you weak son cause aint nobody feel yea//

1:17 am
February 6, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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J-Hicks - 13
Multis - 2
Vocab - 3
Structure - 3
Personals - 3
Punches - 2

Multis got better in the 2nd Verse.Vocab,Structure,Personals,and Punches were all average nothing that good.
Pretty much everything was on a basic average levle but Multis.Multis lacked in the 1st verse but were brought up
in the 2nd verse.

Jix - 10
Multis - 1
Vocab - 3
Structure - 2
Personals - 3
Punches - 1

No Multis.Vocab was Good.Structure was Ok.Personals were Ok.Punches sucked.Really disapointed with it.
Should have been more creative with it and added more Multis.

Spadez - Friend,Battler,Serial Rapist :)

1:26 am
February 6, 2008


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


J-Hicks - 14
Multis - 2
Vocab - 3
Structure - 3
Personals - 3
Punches - 3

Jix - 16.5
Multis - 3
Vocab - 3
Structure - 3
Personals - 3.5
Punches - 4


lick my nutz spadez, learn to f**kn read

I don’t own Shadowville

4:35 pm
February 6, 2008



Posts: 14



Multis - 3

Punchlines - 3

Vocabulary - 3

Personals - 4

Structure - 4

Total - 17 


Multis - 3

Punchlines -4

Vocabulary - 4

Personals - 4

Structure - 3

Total - 18 


2:15 am
February 8, 2008

Ja-Taa the Misfit

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So far Jix has 2 votes under his belt.

J-Hicks tucked 1 away for himself.

Could be a close battle… only way to find out is to get some more votes up in this bee-atch.

Electric arcs streak to restart ur deceased heart beat / That’s when I pull back the starched sheet so I can feast on the dark meat

1:30 am
February 10, 2008


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 Well, it wasn’t the greatest of all time, but definetly interesting. Yours was clear to read, and flow’d well in my opinion, you had some multis but not a crazy amount, and basically weak punches and personals. But, you can only rise from here. Good s**t, bro. keep it up.







I had to put a low score on structure, only because I couldn’t read and flow it properly, it might jsut be me, (and Shadow will probably tell me to learn how to read) but Icouldn’t see it being fit with a beat. Then again, maybe thats me. I could literally find no multis, but I’m sure I might have missed a couple, but I reread it many times. So Ihad to score you low there. All in all, it was a good battle from both of you and I enjoyed the read. GOOD BATTLE!


Arrg, it was hard voting, but it came out in favor of Jix. SORRY HICKS. Don’t beat me up. :( 

“got the game hemmed up… like a sewin’ machine..” -Em