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Jamino Vs. Mista Spadez


12:31 am
January 17, 2008

king cobra

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Please note: This is JAMINO’S verse. I’m just copying it over from the old forum.

U bout to burn like a kitchen, cos son you leavin the pan on.
Now u learned to listen, u earn a lesson from Jam, hands on.
Step one: Damn g, don’t keep Jam waiting when he angry.
I know u cant stand me, bin plannin for days to try’n land me,
Done absorbing my intellect? U finished biding yo time?
Im abroad on the net but that don’ stop me writin rhymes…
He bin writing 16 for 6, and battlin “poopy” teens for kicks…
Losin to sD since and Diz? Wudnt surprise me if HE was Skitz.
Step Two: don’t boast like a teenage Dre wannabee,
Skitz plan A, Spadez B, payin ghosts to beat me, plan C
You aint ever gonna get paid in the Hip Hop industry
You’ll lose anyway, do yourself a fav and lose for free!
Before you “drop the bomb”, im gon’ give you advice
Stop the song ‘fore u say s**t we don’ wanna visualise
That’s right up the ways wit you skull-f**king my mama,
So take a further 6 days… Step 3 equals: think of another.


12:34 am
January 17, 2008

king cobra

Posts: 2754


Please note: These next two verses are MISTA SPADEZ’S verses.

Just another Featherweight trying to take my title
Jamino’s just pissed cause he didnt win Amercian Idol
The reason why..Cause he’s Simon Cowell’s bastard child
I see why he’s so pissed cause Jam is so riled

My rhymes cripple this fool like a paraplegic
He cant win this war,Cause he aint strategic
Trying to beat me,Man thats so ridiculous
Thinkin you the best,That you so meticulous

I’m like Jiggsaw from Saw,I’m puttin Jam to the test
I’m gettin so good,Even Strife said He’s Impressed
I pay close attention so they call me meticulous
I dont need to diss Jam,Even his name sounds ridiculous

Chance of defeating me is large just like a myriad
Just watch me everyone as i bring down this tyrant
If you watch TV then you wont see Jamino
He aint an American Idol,Hes workin at Dominos


A lyrical mirical,My rhymes come from within
Master of the game,Raps on the mic with a grin
No worries though cause nobody can top me
You cant stop me,All you can do is be cocky

Man ya skills aint nothin and thats the truth
Ya rhymes are whack,full of s**t and uncouth
I flow from the soul and my rhymes are great
You come into a battle all you do is contimplate

You cant shine or rhyme half the time,Not 1 decent line
Its all bulls**t So please resign,Actin like you divine
Im the king,So pass me the crown and step down
On shadowville in this section your renowned as a clown

Dont take it from me,Let the others decide
Im sure they’ll agree,That your rhymes will be denied
I’ll leave it at that,Im sure enough ill stump you
Vote for me people,This dude is just tryin to trump you

12:37 am
January 17, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Ok… thes new forums are confusin’ me…

Have my s**t down soon.  Gonna make you pay for not bringing the heat Spadez…

HoT oN THe BeaTS… LiKe HeaRTBuRN!

12:59 am
January 17, 2008



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No worries though cause nobody can top me
You cant stop me,All you can do is be cocky


Fuckin hypocrite.

1:11 am
January 17, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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I’ll drop Spadez like a gardener with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Man you’re so thick I can only handle your low-wit prattle in doses
You like a “jigsaw” with no edge, just the portions that go within
So impossibly flawed(floored) - Steven Hawkings could walk all over him!
When we alI spit, you fall to bits, like those cheap toilet tissues….
Were u picked on at school for being the boy that leaked and trickled?
The kid who snort-laughed, and skipped gym with poor health
Now we know why you grin on the mic, you relieving yourself!
I aint dropped all my s**t yet son, and you haggle for votes!
You think you’ll win this election?  Damn!  You’ve high hopes…
I’ll catch a plane to your residence if we’re campaigning for presidency,
First knoll I claim; next day the papers say: “SPADEZ’S DEAD! HURRAY!”
I keep telling you, I aint being spiteful, i’m merely being honest,
Honest,  u couldn’t drop def if u were a philosophy scene in a forest
I’m BRITISH, so f**k your idols, my talent’s as clear as days
You stink, and you’re comical - the only “trump” here is Spadez…

How’s this for a campaign: Vote for whoever you think should win.  I’m going to bed.

HoT oN THe BeaTS… LiKe HeaRTBuRN!

1:19 am
January 17, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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I feel your verses could have been better, but I know you slacked off on this battle.  Still funny to read ha ha.  Good job.


Mista Spadez:








Yes, you are getting better but you still have a far way to go.  Please, spend more time on your verses.  Try to make them the best you can possibly make them. 



Mista Spadez-13

-”Believe” mixtape now available for free download.

1:19 am
January 17, 2008

king cobra

Posts: 2754


Jam is ahead 1 - 0. Please keep Voting!

4:40 pm
January 17, 2008



Posts: 21


Jamino - 19
Structure - 4
Vocab - 5
Multis - 3
Punchlines - 4
Personals - 3

Jam - I’m glad to see your verse 2 lookin hotter than verse 1….There wasn’t any major differences, but it just seemed overall to hit him harder. Don’t really got any major criticisms….you put in your time and did a good job…

Spadez - 11
Structure - 3
Vocab - 3
Multis - 2
Punchlines - 2
Personals - 1

Spadez - I notice some improvement on vocab…BUT. A major key to having good vocab is not just using big words, but using them impressively!

"Chance of defeating me is large just like a myriad"

That was very simple, and it seemed like you just made that whole bar to use the word myriad. Moreover, that could’ve been worked off of in response (Even you yourself admit my chances are big). Shouldnt you have said his chances were small? Or you could’ve specifically said "Fat chance", but fat is the only word that means big that can be used in that way, if you say someone has a big chance of doing something, it means the opposite of fat chance…Anyways, im rambling here…

No nice multis, but I see some basic ones starting to form. Your multis still need alloot of work but  if you keep grindin youll get the hang of it.

Punchlines and personals went down low in this one. That was your major problem in this battle. You just failed to actually diss him.

5:04 pm
January 17, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

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Digital Velocity


Jamino - 18
Structure - 4
Vocab - 4
Multis - 3
Punchlines - 3
Personals - 4


Spadez - 13
Structure - 4
Vocab - 3
Multis - 2
Punchlines - 2
Personals - 2

5:37 pm
January 17, 2008


Posts: 859

Brooklyn, NY


myriad is pronounced — MEER-ree-uhd

It does not rhyme with tyrant.

Art is the Ability to Control Other’s Emotions With Your Mind.