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Jamino V.S. Zinn (In AUDIO)


10:11 pm
January 30, 2008



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Zinn said:

ok ok, i can clearly see that this isn’t gonna end well…so jam, if u want, we can do a text instead…*pats jamino on the back*…remember, suicide is not the answer



10:11 pm
January 30, 2008

illest wun

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Nah it wasnt the accent Jamino didnt flow properly to the beat, Zinn was on point with the beat


12:38 am
January 31, 2008


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illest wun said:

Nah it wasnt the accent Jamino didnt flow properly to the beat, Zinn was on point with the beat


I have to agree and disagree..  Yeah jam was a little off beat but it wasn’t cuz of his accent..  I didn’t even hear one really..  Only problem was the quality of his mic was terrible..  I’m sorry Jam but u know that.  And for Zinn..  his s**t was crazy as f**k!  for some unmixed s**t it sounded pretty damn clear..  Only complaint i could really have with it was when he starts to rap at a faster pace he kinda stumbles a little..  nothing real major but you can tell he had a little trouble with that part..  I’m not even gonna vote in this but if i had to my vote would be on Zinn..  Just had better s**t all around..  Good s**t by both of you though!



10:47 am
January 31, 2008


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i liked the cat nip thing…lmfao… he was recording on his laptop so you cant expect hi-end quality unless the laptop is equipped with some serious dosage of quality sound performance……anywho……..i still liked both, quality wise sure zinn’s was better but i could still hear jam clearly lol…anywho….still good work both

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3:55 pm
January 31, 2008


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Ok, first of all, props to Zinn.

Second of all, who the FUCK is Arsenous?  Seriously.  I talked to that fool just yesterday.  He was all like, "YEAH man, that was the first time I heard a british flow.  props and s**t" and then I log on today and he’s like "OMG!  Zinn’s a CELEBRITY!  Shit, that Jam man can’t flow, imma send Zinn naked photos and s**t!"  Yeah man, I been to your Myspace profile, and I listened to your "flow" you brown-nosing son of a b*tch.  You think you’re in a position to try and diss ME?  Hahahaaaaaaaaaa.  Ok then.  Fuck… you.

What annoys me is that this d**krider comes in here and cuz Zinn on the scene acting all: "damn this nigga aint worth my time" on the track, he all like "huhuhuhu *SNORTS and pushes up glasses* i’m gonna diss this b*tch!" when the previous day when I was actually online it was a TOTALLY different matter.  Nawwwwwww, homie!  That’s not how it works.  You got something to f**kin say, then you say it.  BESIDES, You CAN’T diss me.  Honestly.  I don’t see disses.  I see criticism, and ALL criticism is constructive.  Even if it’s wrapped up in bulls**t. 

As for the rest of you.  If you say my flow needs work, then who am I to argue?  It must need work.  So imma work on it.

As for my HONEST opinion of BOTH of our drops: both our flow needed work.  Zinn was rapping with some speed in some parts, but damn man, you’re a b*tch if you come back here frontin’ like your flow was on point in certain parts, cuz it wasn’t.  I aint ridin on your verse though, it was some hot s**t.  So, for real, thanks for the second battle homie.

ANYWAY, f**k the random comments, if you got something to say - say it in the form of a vote!

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5:05 pm
January 31, 2008



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All Im a say is this.. I didnt think either of them were all that great.. yeah Jam was way off beat but I could atleast hear what he was sayin.. Zinn def spit to the beat better but it was kinda mumbly when he started spittin fast.. i think I actually heard about 4 or 5 bars clearly.. all the others were unclear.. could have been a quality of mic issue or whatever.. but anyways is the voting different for an audio battle? because if its not then Im not gonna vote… and the vote format should be diff.

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5:07 pm
January 31, 2008



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hahah, i was actin..i seriously threw my headphones at the end. i feel as if u didn’t try for real, thats y my lacked any real depth, i did stumble in like 4th bar when i sped up…but i didn’t try to fix..that should say something in itself. you and i both know that verse i dropped was below half assed..jus as well as urs

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5:32 pm
January 31, 2008


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yeah i had trouble understanding both… due to mic quality AND my speaker quality. jam posting his lyrics really helped me i could follow along. zinn i could tell you’res was clearer but i stilled couldnt understand sum bars, do you got lyrics u can post too?

5:52 pm
January 31, 2008



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I thought Jam’s flow needed work, his punches were okay….mic quality could also use some improvement…

Zinn had a sick flow, and nice wordplay, but punches here could also use a little work as well. I also liked how you talked before and after the song, gave a nice funny feel to it.

Overall I think Zinn won but Jamino still gave a nice try. Props to both of you for bringin an audio battle here

7:03 pm
January 31, 2008


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so vote?

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