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Jamino V.S. Zinn (In AUDIO)


8:52 pm
January 31, 2008


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Zinn said:

hahah, i was actin..i seriously threw my headphones at the end. i feel as if u didn’t try for real, thats y my lacked any real depth, i did stumble in like 4th bar when i sped up…but i didn’t try to fix..that should say something in itself. you and i both know that verse i dropped was below half assed..jus as well as urs

Yeah, well, sorry man.  I know it was half-assed… my mic wouldn’t work, I started getting pissed off and by the time I got it sorted out, I had under half an hour before I had to be somewhere, and I was like f**k it… For real?  I just wanted you back here.  Your lyrics are worth reading, unlike most of the tripe that’s up in here nowadays.


HoT oN THe BeaTS… LiKe HeaRTBuRN!

12:54 am
February 1, 2008



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Zinn straight WON this s**t!

1:45 pm
February 1, 2008



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haha thnx,yea, alot of ppl are pretty cliche with there battling though

Before you head out like a newborn….

6:21 pm
February 1, 2008


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Jamino said:



Ok, first of all, props to Zinn.

Second of all, who the FUCK is Arsenous?  Seriously.  I talked to that fool just yesterday.  He was all like, "YEAH man, that was the first time I heard a british flow.  props and s**t" and then I log on today and he’s like "OMG!  Zinn’s a CELEBRITY!  Shit, that Jam man can’t flow, imma send Zinn naked photos and s**t!"  Yeah man, I been to your Myspace profile, and I listened to your "flow" you brown-nosing son of a b*tch.  You think you’re in a position to try and diss ME?  Hahahaaaaaaaaaa.  Ok then.  Fuck… you.

What annoys me is that this d**krider comes in here and cuz Zinn on the scene acting all: "damn this nigga aint worth my time" on the track, he all like "huhuhuhu *SNORTS and pushes up glasses* i’m gonna diss this b*tch!" when the previous day when I was actually online it was a TOTALLY different matter.  Nawwwwwww, homie!  That’s not how it works.  You got something to f**kin say, then you say it.  BESIDES, You CAN’T diss me.  Honestly.  I don’t see disses.  I see criticism, and ALL criticism is constructive.  Even if it’s wrapped up in bulls**t. 

As for the rest of you.  If you say my flow needs work, then who am I to argue?  It must need work.  So imma work on it.

As for my HONEST opinion of BOTH of our drops: both our flow needed work.  Zinn was rapping with some speed in some parts, but damn man, you’re a b*tch if you come back here frontin’ like your flow was on point in certain parts, cuz it wasn’t.  I aint ridin on your verse though, it was some hot s**t.  So, for real, thanks for the second battle homie.

ANYWAY, f**k the random comments, if you got something to say - say it in the form of a vote!

Hahaha, wow. Straight truth.


“got the game hemmed up… like a sewin’ machine..” -Em

4:06 pm
February 2, 2008


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That’s what I mean.  I know you busy with your album and s**t, but seriously, drop in here more often homie!  Beat me a few more times and s**t, hahaha.

Can we get some votes in here for confirmation, otherwise this battles gonna be open for the rest of our lives……

HoT oN THe BeaTS… LiKe HeaRTBuRN!

11:36 pm
February 2, 2008



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Serious that ws heat by zinn must say man you brought it hard to em congrats on winnin it either id like to link a battle er do a track either way good lookin on that zinn

11:13 pm
February 3, 2008


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Shadowvilles Battlefields


Jamino said:

Can we get some votes in here for confirmation, otherwise this battles gonna be open for the rest of our lives……

Lol, This battle is gonna be up for the rest of your lives..  I dont think anybody even knows where to begin to rate an audio battle..  Ppl are like, durr??



11:48 pm
February 3, 2008


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….



lyrics - 5/5

vocals - 4/5

flow - 3/5

beat (does it go well with the artist…? lol) - 4/5

total: 16 / 20    

personally i think you coulda chosen a better beat for yourself but still it went well with your style, your flow coulda been better but wasnt bad either (hard to flow better when your mic doesnt motivate you lol [at least to me]), lyrics were good i liked them alot, vocals i could hear you clearly so i aint frontin lol course its not like a C2H track quality LOL…..


lyrics - 5/5

vocals - 4/5

flow - 5/5

beat (does it go well with the artist…? lol) - 4/5

total: 18 / 20

  was..killer…vocals as to mic quality i can hear you clearly as well but again aint like a C2H quality lol…..also the part where you go fast it was killer i duno they sayin you mumble didnt sound like it to me i herd what you said lol…….anywho…..

i duno if this is how it should be voted…i didnt wanna include mic quality cuz not everyone can afford or have places near them that can get mics that will s**t in peoples ears…

well i tried…lmao

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