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Joe Money (Cry$tal) vs pink taco


10:52 am
March 6, 2008

Pink Taco


Posts: 185

Eastern Canada


Man,everyone here knows,u’ve had NO mouths on ur d**k,

I’m only silent, cause i’m confused..d**k? or carrot stick?

I’m lookin over ur past s**t, your haukin miscast spit,

Your not fit to transmit, your completly lacking in wit.

Ur rhymes are weaker than Barry Bonds without his steriods,

I’ll rape you so bad, your ass will hurt like mad hemroids.

The way u talk I swear you sound like your prepubescent,

So adolescent, U prolly think Santa still brings your presents.

If girls cant rap, that means your more woman than me,

No more "Man Games", U’ll have to sit down when you pee.

U say your a pro, but I hate to yell ya, YOU CANT BATTLE,

You are easier to lead to slaughter than a herd of cattle.

All this s**t about ladies in the club, had me laughing so hard,

The bouncers spot ur prosti-tot ass,even with your "id card".

I just commited statitory rape on ur verses, No ** when Im tearing,

Unlike "king of deze streets" I dont get grounded for swearing.

11:06 am
March 6, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


wit my bat i swing harder than barry bonds hitting a home run

u gon wet yo self when this is all done

u comitting statatory rape cuz thats the only person that will go on a date

shoulda stopped before i began what would have happened to da game

oh yea it would die cuz my raps so insane

ha i got u laughing cuz u aint got nothing better to do wit ur time

you should go get urself a real job cuz the one ya got just got served by mine

so u 23 wit less flow than me why do u rap girl cant u see

its me on da top not u im standing on top u wit ur mouth open when i pee

prepubescent ha thats gotta be ya best joke sl*t

cuz unlike me puberty passed u up

u as flat as the road pu**y tighter than a fold

get laid before u step to this comeon u 23 years old

u say u got game and u wanna be hanging up here wit the best

ha that aint gonna happen cuz i’ve battled treeze and that fool even had bigger breasts

Im da best and hatas wanna be me

6:47 pm
March 6, 2008

Pink Taco


Posts: 185

Eastern Canada


OMG, I dont think I need to even repost and I still win! Lol! I’m at work right now but as soon as I get home I will put an end to this one….

7:11 pm
March 6, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 860


hahahahaha, dude u been merked!  look at taco droppin multis good job gurl

-”Believe” mixtape now available for free download.

8:40 pm
March 6, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 836



JoeMoney said:

take my d**k out my hands first i take it out ur mouth

cuz i silence stupid bit*hes yup da franchi$e in da house

ha try and get some girl spit some fire on me

it wont do nothing baby cuz im hot n steady

yea i keep it steady flowing but this bit*h aint knowing

she the oldest of the two but her sister the one who blowing

get on ya knees bit*h and suck on my muthafu*ing d**k

cuz thats all ya good for cuz ya raps be only sh*t

has anyone told u girl that girls just cant rap

thats why it’s a mans game ladies aint even on da map

ladies only on my lap so stay in da club and just make dat booty clap

yea im da sh*t dont u know why u try n battle me

cuz i dont lose stupid bit*h thats why im da king in deze streets

this bit*h hating cuz im hot n she be cold she rookie and im pro

im new and she be old and when im rolling to this flow





Taco just DROPKICKED your sorry ass straight out the f**king ballpark!

I aint even gonna read your second verse for fear that my lungs will implode due to the laughter…

HoT oN THe BeaTS… LiKe HeaRTBuRN!

8:50 pm
March 6, 2008

king cobra

Posts: 2754



9:09 pm
March 6, 2008


Posts: 5958

Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


i told u joey u suck…

I don’t own Shadowville

9:14 pm
March 6, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 836



Shadow said:

i told u joey u suck…

"You shoulda listened"

LOL (Private joke)

HoT oN THe BeaTS… LiKe HeaRTBuRN!

12:14 am
March 7, 2008

Pink Taco


Posts: 185

Eastern Canada


I feel like Mike Tyson fighting Timmy from South Park,

Becasue this broken down puppy has no bite and no bark.

I must say, I feel bad beatin a kid, it feels illegal,

Have U limpin round busted like Lord of the Rings Speigal.

Get a real job? I work at the bank and that aint half bad,

Just cause I wont cash your welfare cheques, dont get mad.

You keep bringing up my age but you dont make a point,

U prolly roll tobacco in a zig zag and call it a joint.

What the f**k you talkin about peein in my mouth for?

Your not R. Kelly, your his little bum f**k whore.

I dont know where U come from tight pussy’s a GOOD thing,

And the juicy breast on this chick makes all the roosters sing.

I cant believe ur still on this site, u never f**kin win,

I still never heard if you, and your already a has been.

"Girls cant rap " now you’ll know better than to push me,

Cause ur battling a pink taco, and ur the one whos a pussy.

12:46 am
March 7, 2008

king cobra

Posts: 2754


Pink Taco said:

Cause ur battling a pink taco, and ur the one whos a pussy.

i think the line would be better if it said "but ur the one…" etc.

 haha, either way, i laughed