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Joe $ Money VS Ca$h Flow


5:01 pm
February 27, 2008

Ca$h Flow


Posts: 197


To start off, since Joe $ is already in another battle, I will not post up my verse until he is finished, second off, the following is his verse against me, he just posted it in the "Call-Out" section, so I’m reposting it here.


Joe $ Money’s 1st Verse

u call ur self cash flow but there aint no flow to show

except for the cum in ur mouth from the guys dat u blow

they say that u a street thug and im just a rookie

but im da one wit da heat so come try me u pussy

u a lame and a b*tch and thats all u ever gon be

cuz u aint got the skills to be up here f**king wit me

symbolic records what is that something u and ur friends made up

so u could look like a real rapper and not a b*tch ass slut

well it dont work fool cuz u seep right on through

dont mess wit joe money cuz u know dat he be better than u

yea im only sixteen but im living the dream

im battling u chumps from school off my computer screen

i wanna see what u got if u got anything at all

im guessing u not when ur stacks r small to my tall

ya see i sim in dimes and those fine ass b*tches

u sitting on the roof of the building playing wit pennies and wishes


5:23 pm
February 27, 2008

Ca$h Flow


Posts: 197


Here’s my 1st verse:

Joe Money, Yo funny wit all ur fantasy labels/

and yo rookie ass lyrics, man you could recreate Fable/

Unstable, I’m able to tell, might as well/

by the time that I’m done u’ll be roastin in hell/

I get Physical like Physicians, Invisible like Magicians/

wit Mystical Mic Traditions . . . so listen/

sit down, shut up, and pay attention

give the fact that you’re in school, maybe u’ll learn a little lesson/

Made up my label? I don’t even take offense to this diss/

cuz when I look up yours it said the s**t didn’t exist/

livin the dream? typin yo s**t up from school?/

If you so god damn rich, what the f**k u doin in school?!/

I’ll give you a hysterectomy disrespecting me/

wanna feel the full effect of me, hand a tech to me/

I’ll make you shiver and shake, quiver and quake/

and toss you in Michigan lake, for fishermans sake/

5:29 pm
February 27, 2008

G Pimp


Posts: 42


CashFlow…. i smell biten lines on that last 2

5:33 pm
February 27, 2008

G Pimp


Posts: 42

4   verse 2 this guys biting eminems s**t … weak move….. even tho joe moneys verses were weak he should win BITING is NOT COOL

5:42 pm
February 27, 2008

king cobra

Posts: 2754


Just got two lines for this:

Cheating in a battle? That ain’t the way to be fighting //

Cash flow gonna get cavities from all his ‘eminem biting’! //


Battle is Dq’d. No more verses. Battle is now…CLOSED!