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Joe $ Money vs Liquid Smoke


10:16 am
February 27, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170



Im da best and hatas wanna be me


10:24 am
February 27, 2008

Liquid Smoke


Posts: 51


Well I am in another battle, but this mother f**ker talking some s**t. Needs to get the f**k off this site

10:33 am
February 27, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


yo his name is Liquid smoke but all he is is a joke

running wit his tail between his legs when i put my gun down ur throat

now u say i aint got diamonds but i shine wit no light

i say f**k u to u hata b*tch who said i couldnt rap cuz im white

talking smack on da net but dont back it up in real life

how u supposed to be gangsta when u aint got right

ya see they say dont bringa a knife to a gun fight well yea dats true

well i brought my gun to this knife fight what now u gon do

u say u good but u a b*tch im a lyracist

u put up 16 bars but that s**t is rediculous

ya see i put up 12 bars but they still better than ur best

cuz i got more skill than u will ever have so homie whats next

i’ll take my gun and put u down wait i dont wanna do that

cuz it be too easy for me so i’ll knock u out wit this rap

u acting like u da s**t but we all know dat u fronting

so put up 16 bars let me prove u got nothing



Im da best and hatas wanna be me

10:56 am
February 27, 2008

Liquid Smoke


Posts: 51


That was some funny s**t right there. But here let me help you learn to battle


It’s true this guys got mad skill, this prick Joe Money/
Show him a dolla bill and he’ll suck the d**k off anybody/
He could actually suck a golf ball through a garden hose/
Rip this hoe’s head off since he tryin to oppose/

You gonna have to think creativity to bring this delivery/
Better work on structure, damn even lyrically/
Get a good mindset, focused and think clearly/
Teach this rookie that he’s gonna have to fear me/

Never said anything about you not havin diamonds or shines/
Before he even called me out he drafted up all 16 lines/
I brought a knife to gun fight? He must be havin illusions/
He couldn’t fight his way outta wet paper bag or leave a contusion/   

I’ll be the first to tell you and create the friction/
For The Ville you’ve been given your ‘Notice of Eviction’/
Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out/
Work on that 4th album, get a name we actaully heard about/

11:07 am
February 27, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


damn that was good not but i heard it before

i think ur lines r off full metal jacket u whore

u talking bout gay s**t im starting to think dat u gay

or maybe it’s those so called lines that u put up today

lets be real and do it right and let me get this s**t rocking

try and get ur own lines before i get this s**t popping

it’s like 1, 2, 3, and the four

why does that pussy liquid smoke keep coming for more

u rap like an eighth grader coming to just get in the way

why dont u go and watch 8 mile and write down everything dat they say

u couldn’t find ur own lines so u thought that u’d borrow

well cuz of that u gon find urself dead by tomarrow

maybe if u put other lame s**t by the other pieces of crap

u could cover ur tracks wit the lines that u lack

see i keep it real and always true wit everything that i do

thats why i use my own lines when im battling u


Im da best and hatas wanna be me

12:18 pm
February 27, 2008

Liquid Smoke


Posts: 51


Fuck you are awesome


Don’t know what to say to this walking contradiction/
Points out 1 line he’s suppose to get, you ain’t a poetic diction/
It’s called a metaphor so you’re the stupid f**king whore/
Then tells me to watch 8 mile and says 1..2..3..and to the 4?/

I am so sick and tired of this fake thug/
Beat you, take your Addidas and squash this bug/
To be honest I couldn’t even read your s**t/
Like a comedian always using the same bit/

Trying to find Franchise Records, see the detail/
Only thing I find is that it is up "For Sale"/
Acting like we are suppose to recognize his face/
Wait, weren’t you that gay dude from Will and Grace?

This dumb mother f**ker asked me a question in chat/
Asked if I was gonna fill his grave, well I can do that/
Gonna be hard to take down this big teady bear/
With your help Shadowville we need the Care Bear Stare!

5:14 pm
February 27, 2008

Ca$h Flow


Posts: 197


Joe $ Money

Multi’s - - 2 (not too many of those)

Punchlines - - 4

Vocab - - 2

Personals - - 3

Structure - - 5

TOTAL - - 16


Liquid Smoke:

Multis - - 3

Punchlines - - 5

Vocab - - 3

Personals - - 4

Structure - -5

TOTAL - - 20

Joe $ Money : 16    Liquid Smoke : 20

12:07 pm
February 28, 2008


Fresh Meat

Posts: 8


               Joe $

Multis- 2- i agree with u cash flo not dat many

Punchlines- 3 alright

vocab- 1.3

personals- 2

structure- 4


Liquid smoke

multis- 5

punchlines- 4

vocab- 3

personal- 4

structure- 5


Joe $= 12.3                 Liquid Smoke=21

6:10 pm
February 29, 2008

Ja-Taa the Misfit

Posts: 589


Liquid Smoke is up 2 - 0… next vote could seal the deal.

Electric arcs streak to restart ur deceased heart beat / That’s when I pull back the starched sheet so I can feast on the dark meat

7:48 pm
February 29, 2008

The Sylance


Posts: 52


yo joe man, 1st off read the rules, second of all consider quitting, third just quit, fourth hide, here i got a paper bag for your underachieving face.


serious man, learn to rap…….or just dont