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Joe $ Money vs. South$ide


10:02 am
February 28, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


Joe Money gon win

Im da best and hatas wanna be me


10:06 am
February 28, 2008


Fresh Meat

Posts: 8


where dem lines at??????????????????

u scared or wat?

10:07 am
February 28, 2008


Fresh Meat

Posts: 8


JoeMoney said:

Joe Money gon win

hit up dem lines

10:21 am
February 28, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


yo this the North$ide coming from the 715

im bout to serve this fool from school i gon be making him cry

he says southside represent but what is it he representing

must be the other side of this penitention

we both juniors in school but i the one with the tool

 Its the northside baby represent ur school

yea im joe $ Money im a pimp ladies love me im hot

and all u hatas wanna be me cuz all dis money i got

u think u da s**t cuz u live in kentucky

well i got news for ya bra that s**t be funny

cuz it aint the real south u more like the south east

u dont want nothing from the kid who they call da beast

im sitting here eating pop tarts and and coffe in school im so well known

cuz be putting u down battling on my iphone

i got 2 lines left what more can i say

it’s the northside baby lets see if the the southside can play

Im da best and hatas wanna be me

10:23 am
February 28, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

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Digital Velocity


10:46 am
February 28, 2008


Fresh Meat

Posts: 8


if i go down ima still be king of da crown

u heard da sayin wat goes around comes bak around

my hood is gone find ya n hunt u down

dey kno wat 2do so dont think about f**kin with my town

and if u talkin s**t runnin ur lip b*tch i’ll empty da clip

i’ll make u wrecognize whu da f**k u f**kin with

im’a shoot b4 u snitch cuz a snitch talks s**t

if u hear my guns clip, dont trip

u got 10 seconds to breath, 9 seconds to live

8 seconds to run, 7 seconds to hide

6 seconds to die, 5-4-3-2-1 yo times up

u shoulda listen n learn 2 shut da f**k up

f**k da 715 its all about da 502

this yo boi southside and its me n my flo datz killing u

im a rookie but little by little im getttin 2da top

i coulda kept it goin but b*tch u said 16 so u lucky i had to stop



10:57 am
February 28, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


yo u ramble like a portireican slut

talking bout ur gun and how u putting s**t up

well the 502 dont know what to do when i roll through

cuz i coming with an army bout to take over u

imma smash u like i do and take ya for a little ride

dont mes wit the best when u dont know whats inside

i aint no snitch u a b*tch to be thinking dat s**t

i got more flow than tha a river when i be unloading the clip

u a rookie and thats something that u’ll always be

u wanna be on the the top u gotta get past me

im always on da top and i aint gon stop

u gon need a f**king tank to get me off this rock

im in da clouds with the best and all u do is complain

well let me take a few stacks and i be makng it rain

u think u can rap man stop telling that joke

so run away like a pussy or i’ll put lead down ur throat


Im da best and hatas wanna be me

11:30 am
February 28, 2008


Fresh Meat

Posts: 8


2nd verse im bak again jus to finish it off

my flo kept ur mouth open so much it made u cough

u wanna battle me b*tch? b*tch i dont need an army

just me, myself, and i, with a mic in my hand

u said u can make it rain (lol) are u talkin about change

u gotta undastand dat im best in this game

ur flo is lame i dont undastand how u post it it up.

shouldnt u be ashame? aw my bad u thought it was beginers luck

and i never thougth a rookie could beat u

Wisconsin im takin over from da five-0-two

u betta get ready cuz im comin through

b*tch i dont complain so quit b*tchin b4 i take down u n ur crew

i done passed u, u didnt even kno it

u said u goin to gym or r u goin blow it

and i told my homies i was gonna go hard in this b*tch

im already goin hard and i aint even tryin in this b*tch



9:59 am
February 29, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170




well if that was u going hard then we can see dat u limp

cuz the 715 produced the biggest pimp

sorry dawg i didnt understand what u said

ur lines didnt ryme so get the rules stuck in ur head

take ur mic and spit cuz it aint used in this s**t

this is text battles boy dont be such a b*tch

now u think that u be the best in the game

damn u must be living in fantasy or clinically insane

u must be retarted to think that u passed me b*tch

cuz my flow had ur mouth open like u were deep throating some d**k

i put 715 on da map what the 502 think about that

we all know that those playin kentucky kids cant rap

you never passed me dawg u cant even pass ur self

cuz u a rookie u stay the same u need some big boy help

i gon help ya dawg im gon teel ya what to do

go get that gun of urs and blow ya brains out fool

Im da best and hatas wanna be me

10:23 am
February 29, 2008


Fresh Meat

Posts: 8




502 till i die its dat boi southside

f**k u n da 715 down here i get it live

u thinkin da 502 aint on da  map

b*tch u wrong, i’ll load my gat and spell my name across ur bak

u da one who cant rap so dont get sad

jus cuz u lost da battle u aint gotta be mad

battleling me is something u wish u neva done

ur birthmark in ur face is when yo momma made me cum

go bak 8 lines let me add on to dat

choose wat u want either this or dat

if u get me mad im’a make up a rap

i’ll recorded and give u da muthaf**ken trak

and if u get me real mad ur goin down with my strap

no dount homie, i’ll take u out da map

watever u do jus dont look bak

jus incase u do, listen to da lines on this trak