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Josh.Lynn vs P to the K


1:54 pm
July 10, 2008

Josh Lynn of Storm Squad

Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 578

Cape Girardeau, MO


I ain’t never seen the diamonds that you claim to be wearin’
But you live out in Estonia, so ain’t nobody carin’
Every time I see you I ask you how you’re farin’
How many beds are in your shack? Are you and mommy sharin’?
I guess it wouldn’t be that fair to crack about your Bambi Underwear
That movie’s kind of old, but I hear you’re a little slow over there
I’m sure you’ve got some Disney movies hidden in your lair
You could be the children’s Marshall Mathers if you go and dye your hair
I guess pickin’ on your weak rhymes is really kind of sad
I guess I should slow it down because you’re English is kind of bad
Maybe now’s the time to tell you that I might just be your dad
So don’t be thinkin’ you’re some hot new thing, you’re just a passing fad
Don’t be getting’ mad because I only speak the truth
I been doin’ lyrics since way back in my youth
I was the illest and the realest ‘fore you ever cut a tooth
So if you can’t stand the fire maybe you should step out of the booth


2:14 pm
July 10, 2008



Posts: 1867



battlin a rookie, its seems-to-b a pattern-for-me//
u have seen no diamonds cuz u never-SEEN-ME//

ull-never-b-me, im have a bed, call-it-WORLD//
my mom even doesnt want u, cuz no bi, ur-a-GIRL//

im the King of the LIONS, like the star,-cool//
this guy is like Bombaa, so u call him just a LARGE-DUDE//

u sayin im Marshall ? dude, u have never-met-me//
he got style tho so thanks, tho u dont respect-him//

pussy ass ho, r u at Spain ? if not-then//
climb out of ur sis’ tits b4 i rock-them//

i wont ever get man, i wont even get pissed-at-all//
i will just “ban” this noob like a list-of-mods//

like a fist-of-fury, a-kiss-of-Gods//
ull leave and only Hy wud b like “i-missed-a-lot”//

ill-diss-u-cock, easily as 1, 2, hop !//
ur the weakest “landmark” so i run-thru-stops

monkey see, monkey do

2:29 pm
July 10, 2008



Posts: 1867



i get cake, dates, whatever, u just play-wit-ur-midg//(et)
this kid is poor AND stupid, he dont kno what “bakery”-is//

ill-make-u-my-b*tch, and im just standin-in-armor//
shoot u down, cuz estonian air dont allow animal-cargo//

ur standin-in-harbor, wavin ur future-goodbye//
cuz ppl hate ur ass like Xmen, a mutant-in-crime//

a few-wud-ask-why, u dont even kno how to “bake-s**t”//
whats that-in-ur-hair ? oh leeches, i get-it//

stage ur own death, i own u-ill-hunt-u//
a boner-wont-”cunt-u”, Rome-wudnt-want-to//

“peace” wit u, send troops for ur-murder//
u give ur songs on myspace daily…i-heard-em//

u-certain ur a rapper ?, i wud call u minimum-HY//
cuz u “suck” at those lines that u spit-in-ur-rhymes//

u dont even suck FEET, u suck d**k like a b*tchass//
leavin u “cough” like s**t, i get “sick”-fast

ill go eat now

monkey see, monkey do

3:07 pm
July 10, 2008

Josh Lynn of Storm Squad

Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 578

Cape Girardeau, MO


Nah I ain’t never seen you ‘cause you livin’ in a cave
Writin’ lyrics without spirit like another industry slave
You claim that you a lion, more like an over-sized kitten
Your cave must get cold in the winter, spend your time knittin’ mittens
You know I’m not from Spain, I’m from the U.S.A, of course
I invest in real estate, you’re still building tree forts
You’re right that Hy would miss me, ‘cause I treat him with respect
You couldn’t buy enough respect if you wrote a blank check
Go ahead and wear your armor, I don’t have to watch my back
You got more enemies than friends, you don’t know how to act
Yeah, I’ll stage my death and then make come-back tour
With all proceeds going to you, because you’re still that poor
So check it while I wreck it, my record is undisputed
Your lyrics lack the spirit and leave the game polluted
Go back to Estonia and learn how to write
Or give up this rap game and start a new life

3:17 pm
July 10, 2008

Pink Taco


Posts: 185

Eastern Canada


i will just “ban” this noob like a list-of-mods//

thats the funniest thing i read and most people wont get it.

3:50 pm
July 10, 2008



Posts: 86


PK, you’re improving on your punches and personals. Go you. The other guy… Eh, he did good, but a lot of the rhymes seem forced to stick together. There wasn’t anything from him that sticks out in my mind that would make me say “DAMN! YOU GOT PLAYED LIKE A GAME BOY!” So… yeah. PK, you’re improving. Other guy. I’m probably gonna be your next opponent. Just wait until the battle with Hy is over. And all I have to say now is…


… someone kill me… v.v;;

Till my body collapses from my drug relapses / I’ll be spitting harder on the tracks than any other rapper / With my down south tactics, and my ghetto accent / I still remain the greatest with words since Scholastic

3:59 pm
July 10, 2008

Trey Catalyst


Posts: 322



some of the stuff pk says thats funny isnt meant to be, its just hes got really bad english skills lmao.

just kiddin.

but fo real, nice stuff both of u.

I Leave Girls Missin Periods, Like They Got Bad Grammar.

12:22 pm
August 2, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 560


Josh Lynn - 9
Multis - 1
Vocab - 2
Structure - 2
Personals - 2
Punches - 2

PK - 11
Multis - 1
Vocab - 2
Structure - 2
Personals - 3
Punches - 3

Spadez - Friend,Battler,Serial Rapist :)

12:32 pm
August 2, 2008



Posts: 1867



lol we battled ? lol i dont even remember, but it looks horrible, i give myself a 7, and Josh idk, i didnt even wanna read. nvm dis old suckass battle :D i knew dum idiot like Spadez dug it out :D

monkey see, monkey do