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10:52 am
February 27, 2008


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….

11 would sign u? lol

I don’t own Shadowville

10:53 am
February 27, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

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Digital Velocity


You must be f**kin’ confused, stop frontin’ wit dudes.

I’m the reason fools be tuckin they jewls.

Brag about money, what the f**k does that prove?

I aint got s**t, that means nuttin’ to lose.

Couldnt finish school? (wtf ) you’re f**kin’ retarded.

This rap diss is practice like shootin’ a target.

You picked you’re fate, now get it straight, you’re rhymes I’ll obliterate.

Pick a date, I’ll get you ate, you’re lable I will liquidate.

You’re unable to spit, what lable you wit?

I’m Kane, I’ll kill you like you’re Abel n s**t.

And this is the last two bars I’ma give.

So give up the act, you record at ya momma’s crib.


i said i wouldnt but i cant help myself…

1:32 pm
February 27, 2008

Ja-Taa the Misfit

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Hey Joe, in the interests of self-promotion why don’t you post up a link to ur tracks… that way you can also prove to Treezy  that ur not a rookie and ur music is pro.  Just because ur not so hot at text battling doesn’t necessarily mean ur audio is junk. I know that I would be very interested in hearing some of the stuff you’ve recorded.  You got 3 albums, so just pick the best 3 tracks and let us check em out… man up and manifest.

Electric arcs streak to restart ur deceased heart beat / That’s when I pull back the starched sheet so I can feast on the dark meat