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Linn Erwin V Holla-Tips


7:09 pm
February 15, 2008



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Aight Yo Up 1st Drop Tha Verse Homie


7:20 pm
February 15, 2008

Linn Erwin


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im from tha ville n u kno how we do/

got tha jeans to my knees n lookin fresha dan u/

hmc dnt hate on my click/

iz u jealous cuz we have tha money u cnt get/

dey call me currency dats all i can be/

get papa wen i spit i dnt do it for free/

get yo mind straight i aint playin no games/

got u lookin like tha puppy n im tha great dane/

im a dime piece balla on tha grind again/

yea its me spittin flows like i always been/

if i catch u lookin u betta do some10 den/

bru u kno u broke u aint got nuttin to spend/

try to step to me ill break u like a twig/

best get two steppin be4 dis battle get to big/

me n u iznt anythang tha same/

ask any1 around deyll tell u my name/


7:21 pm
February 15, 2008



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aight i drop mine either soon today or early tomorrow

8:07 pm
February 15, 2008



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wth was that bad grammer and the the whole thing was kinda hard to read but good try tho

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8:19 pm
February 15, 2008



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uh, I see b*tches like you up in tha back of hurses//

the main result of these pussy ass pre-written verses//

but ya keep repeatin yaself like ya CD player broke//

man, i’ll slit ya throat, so next battle we know you’ll ‘choke’ //

yeah, a dime peice balla?, bet u dnt know tha meanin of it //

snap me like a twig? wit arms like that man u cudnt snap s**t, //

u say u fresher than me?, uh homie is thats the story,//

but the truth is u bout as fresh as an unclean lavatory //

u say u wit HMC, unlike HMV it stands fo his masters cock,//

claimin that u run tha block, but uh i got these streets on lock,//

yeah, judgin by that real painful last verse u dropped,//

after all these years homie i woulda thought u stopped,//

uh, he say he dime piece, but he runs wit tha police,//

he aint had no sex, we should call him the priest,//

went to shadowville downloaded beats fo free,//

claim he got do, but he cant afford a lease, man, peace.//

8:19 pm
February 15, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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that was really bad.i mean REALLY bad.No offense but you need to work on your battle skills man.

Spadez - Friend,Battler,Serial Rapist :)

8:20 pm
February 15, 2008



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mine or his?

8:33 pm
February 15, 2008



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Ur Up Next Man

9:09 pm
February 15, 2008

Linn Erwin


Posts: 15


dime piece balla get paid for wat u do/

yea i said break u like a twig snap u in two/

yo lines iz cheezy sayin his masters cock/

come to cashville to see if i even gota block/

me n tha police? naw i dnt see it happenin/

i havent been in tha game long but ima keep spittin man/

u sound real f**kin stressed man u gota lot on yo plate?/

let yo bigga brotha on tha computer at age of 8/

im a real hustla  i bet u savin yo allowence money/

thankin u iz real bad thoughts like yo punchlines was funny/

i break it like a pro go on let yo gurl kno/

u sound like a lil kid actin like u got a lil flow/

pay attention listen u kno ima ballatition/

all tha tlk u glistenin u jus tryin to get attention/

neva gona quit spit flows till its in yo mind like siren drills/

stayin real beats i kill servin u like a bar n grill/




9:34 pm
February 15, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Ummm. No, that verse didn’t do it for me.

“got the game hemmed up… like a sewin’ machine..” -Em