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Livin’ it Free


5:08 am
May 20, 2008

Mystikal ndn


Posts: 10


All these people try’na hate on me/they can’t seem to realize how it is to be me/all these words i’m sayin’/i ain’t playin’/these words i’m sayin’ are stayin’/homies and b*tches around here/fightin’ til they gone without any fear/they just see what I do/how much it means to u/phuk all ya’ll just wanna be like me/but lets see whos up againest me/

Mystikal ndn


5:53 am
May 20, 2008

swiff dollaz


Posts: 11


I got you dawg, an I’ma tear you the f**k apart/

It’s like they always say, u wanna kill a nigga go straight for da heart/

My s**t like clock work homie, it neva stop/

Your carrer was flyin high till i came, now you on a sudden drop/

You was doin iight kid, untill i step to the stage/

I melt mics an crush lines with a flamen rage/

I’ll Toss you in a cage with some dead b*tches/

End your life like I did theres, head under the 6 4 then flip switches/

Your entire flow was like inspector gadget, full of glitches/

I’m cuttin you up son better go to the doc. I think you need stitches/

What dat mean, Mystikal ndn/

Oh you fantisize about haven more Niggaz Dicks N?/

Do I really need to even put these next 3 lines/

When I spit s**t homie, it’s f**kin devine/

I picked yo ass off ya game like grapes from the vine/

I just gotta ask you, when you spit that rhyme did it taste like a s**tty wine?/

Swiff D aka Da Sickest Dragon

8:01 am
May 20, 2008

Mystikal ndn


Posts: 10


Why am I fightin’ to live if I’m livin’ to die
All these words becoming one f**ken lie
All these peoples try’na hate on me
They just don’t know how it is to be me
Cuz’ livin’ my life seems like a waste of time
I’m juss here writtin’ out all of my f**ken rhymes
Spittin’ my s**t until I make the good hit
Just here makin’ it work out, f**k this s**t
Every single day I have to live with this
Havin’ a fight is what I really miss
Fightin’ til my death ti’l my last breath
Don’t know how much time I got f**ken left
I see people hatin’ on each other
Fightin’ til my death, juss for my brother
For my brother I would try
B.A.D mutha fukka til’ I die

Mystikal ndn

6:32 pm
May 21, 2008

swiff dollaz


Posts: 11


Cover you in some gasoline homie then light up ya life, an if u got one i’ll light up ya wife/

You think your rhymes is hard huh? but i’m slicen em with a f**king butter knife/

homie you just repeating the same s**t now listen/

I rip through you like razorwire, you end up with body pieces missen/

Now you say you see people hatin on each other, well i’m hatin on you/

So I draw this ,|,,(-_-) ,  an say f**k you/

I lost total control dawg, went bazerk an broke you in two/

I’m still crazy lil homie and to me ur respect is due/

Every since we started this, the battle was in my pocket/

Compared to me u end quick sizzle out an pop like a bottle rocket/

On my 11th line an my flow is still devine/

I’m heavy weight homie thats how i’m breakin ya spine/

You lookin to me like those who look to god, you askin why/

I’ll hit u with an iron rod, an tell you your lifes a lie/

You say they hate you, yet i see nothing to hate/

All I see is anotha one whom my flames will desinagrate/

Swiff D aka Da Sickest Dragon

11:21 pm
May 21, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 565

Kissimmee, FL


and can someone explain to me wtf is all this???

4:24 am
May 23, 2008

Mystikal ndn


Posts: 10


I know a lil brat like you, spits and flows like you/

But all this talk about you rippin’ me through, ain’t true/

So swiff dollaz if you say what you say, do it what your saying/

Cuz the rhymes I got againest you, I ain’t playin’/

I’m'ma manitoba full blooded indian/

What you see, Is who they call Mystikal ndn/

 I would do anything to see you chock off your own words/

Its like seeing a bunch of dead f**ken birds/

So if you say your hatin’ on me, I’m hatin’ on u too/

Come up on the streets swiff dollaz, See what u can do/

Im’ma mutha f**ken gangsta for life til my last breath/

Reppin’ B.A.D, that stands for ‘Brother After Death’/

So if you ever think of talkin’ s**t behind our backs/

Fucken missin’ with manitoba b*tch, watch our attacks/

Just here spittin’ the words that are become tight rhymes/

Shit, homie..I know I didn’t waste any f**ken time/

Mystikal ndn

5:11 pm
May 23, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 860


DJ EcKo said:

and can someone explain to me wtf is all this???

i’m lost as well..

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