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Norton Antivirus has many benefits

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7:10 am
May 6, 2022


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Threats scanned

Norton Antivirus scans your computer continuously to protect it. It stops any virus from entering your computer and asks you permission to allow it in. It immediately isolates any virus that could cause harm and alerts you. It also protects you against infection when you use instant messaging programs.

Norton is Automated

Norton Antivirus runs automatically and starts as soon as your computer turns on. It protects you from malicious websites and applications.

Continual Updates

Software is constantly updated. This means that any new viruses released on the Internet are immediately caught before they can cause damage to your computer.

Norton AntiVirus Features:

Online protection

Norton AntiVirus blocks malicious URLs to keep you safe when browsing the internet. Norton antivirus is free.

Smart firewall

Norton AntiVirus Firewall prevents unwelcome access to files by notifying you when suspicious programs attempt to connect to the Internet.