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7:34 pm
February 12, 2008

peace 1394


Posts: 31


yo yo lets battle mutha f**ka


7:46 pm
February 12, 2008

peace 1394


Posts: 31


yo ok first verse



ill lyricly infllame you and pysicly blame you

 for ur weak ass lyrics u spit mutha f**ka they sound and

smell like s**t

u think u gonna hate on me bad i think u gonna cry so

sad ill hit you so hard youll be calling ya dad and momy tell

 her thnx alot homie


i bet ur only like 14 think hes tough mutha f**ka cant even

spit clean mutha f**ka im gut ya splean im like a fish in the

sea i flow a swim with glee


ya aint gonna touch me u gay fag the better half of u ran

legs ima leave u belive me mutha f**ka need me

yo im the one thats feed you but it aint food do u get the

clue mutha f**ka im about to disposse of you




7:51 pm
February 12, 2008

Ca$h Flow


Posts: 197


that was ok, depending on what Crypts puts up, u might wanna up it on ur 2nd verse

7:53 pm
February 12, 2008

peace 1394


Posts: 31


ye ye lmao i will i hope lmao thnx for the comment

8:01 pm
February 12, 2008

The Crypts


Posts: 19


Peace im a beast waitin to unleash my fury on you//

bring ya crew, im through with the dissin its pissin me off//

your s**t aint hot, i brought a bag of tricks, i wont miss, when u get shot//

think im 14, you just a text battler typer, still needin a fresh diaper//


think im gay? hey i dont give a f**k what you say//

In one ear and out the other, u just another mother f**ker//

You cant find your d**k, we know he needs it//

use a magnifying glass and you might just see it//


Sorry that was just a pube, you loose//

o wait, that you f**kin your daddy on the news?//

Holy s**t truth of Peace to be exosed//

you cant git nothin, not even any hoes//


so come on b*tch talk some more s**t//

Hate on the Crypts, ill drop you in a bottomless pit//

imm a hellhound, puttin a lock on this round//

and just so you know my d**k is 2 inches…from the ground//







8:11 pm
February 12, 2008

G Pimp


Posts: 42


wow guys i know its probly your first time actually battlin like this but damn enough of the potty humor that doesnt flow…. put some effort into thinkin of puches n personals multis arent bad but they only get u so far….  ps.  ur last line was wat saved u crypts

8:12 pm
February 12, 2008

peace 1394


Posts: 31


haha ha ha ha ok ok



ima stab ya lryicly but if i ever see u i jsut might come to be

that the d**k 2 inches from the floor aint there no more

 ill lyricly own u physicly pown u mutha f**ka ur mine

u aint seen this s**t so devine u reem to survie

but ya s**t aint leaving ya ride ya s**t dont travel it dont flow

y dont u let ya unravel some more o and tell u b*tch stop

i dont want her no more ill kick you right out the door

there fore mutha f**ker ya ass is grass mutha f**ka wach

me blow past oly blowin ur doing start close to my ass

but now thats done and im pretty sure ive won so start

walkin or b*tch start the real f**king talking pc b*tch im out i

got the sickest emce

8:21 pm
February 12, 2008

G Pimp


Posts: 42


i said step it UP not get worse damn peaceeeeeee come on dogg

8:34 pm
February 12, 2008

The Crypts


Posts: 19


You think your tuff, think you got the stuff, think your so great//

Bitch its my turn, your now in checkmate//

this has gone to far its like a debate//

its irate the state im in ill creamate you, and ship you off in a crate//


i read both your verses and im ashamed//

the s**t was lame, and everything sounded the same//

shouldnt have f**ked with me cuz im insane//

whos the loser in this contest? Peace the the name.//


Motha f**ka ill mop the floor with ya//

Imma soljah i told ya, that im through with you//

ive heard better, like from the sound s**t makes when its on the bottom of your shoe.//

so back down now, cuz i really aint feelin ya//


talk s**t all you want, but ill haunt you like im a ghost//

so lets have a roast, and let everybody post their vote//

out of us two u may be liked the most//

but come on, you raps wont even get you any toast//




8:48 pm
February 12, 2008

G Pimp


Posts: 42


wow…. text battlin has seen better days….. guys come on i dont even know how to judge this 1 lol  crypt i guess u take it for having better structure but it still wasnt sick at all