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Rubs Vs Misha Anonnymous 4 the tournament


1:37 pm
June 8, 2008


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Kissimmee, FL


well i said dont boas and dont start arguements….or call names so please keep this to a minimum…..and no amount of name calling changes the fact that u was late rubs and its up to misha to choose wat to do….even if he doesnt want to battle its still ur loss and ur eliminated.

2:44 pm
June 8, 2008



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You spit a late lie and expect me to reply? Damn son, you must be high.

Cause I didn't say one word of your quotes, and hell…I won't even need any votes.

A male stripper, what the f**k was that?

This is a rap battle not a  make my fantasies come true chat.

Spittin' about my girl, then spittin' I'm gay…

Damn can your rhymes get any more cliche?

Learn to be original fool, or maybe this was your attempt at that.

But still, took you a really, ridiculously, lengthy long time to post that.

Better call and get your money back, cause that s**t is wack!

It's so generic I can't even bear it.

Rhetorically, you ain't no Obama.

Lyrically, you ain't even Osama.

Realistically, you just livin' off drama,

To carry you to the next round

But it ain't no biggy to crush you to the ground,

Cause you can't even tell time; 24 hours in a day you dumbass clown.

Shit, I ain't say a word you say I say.

And my facebook? Yea check it, thanks for the free play.

I ain't ashamed of my lyrics, better than any of the s**t I ever heard you spit or say.

Your momma musta not raised you right, cause your still standin' here puttin' up a fight,

Even though you know that my flow and lyrics are like the Alaskan snow,

Each piece unique as it falls from the sky.

Let it rain on you, bring pain on you, until you die.

Suffocate and freeze as you cry in a lyrical shower of my power.

Fall to your knees and cower, look me in the eye.

I hold your future in my hand…next round or not?

Should I give you another shot? I think my lyrics speak for themselves,

Get your books off the shelves, sit down and learn to battle,

Hell, go back to step one and learn to follow the rules,

Didn't they teach that s**t in schools? Even in Kindergarten they teach creativity,

Don't worry though, your bulls**t raps are a proclivity.

Yea go look it up in the dictionary and while your at it, call and get some more s**t overnighted.


Hit me up anytime if you want to collaborate, mix/produce some of my things.

3:31 pm
June 8, 2008


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Kissimmee, FL



5:02 pm
June 8, 2008



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Yeah…Damn is right.   Anonnymous strikes. 

8:41 pm
June 8, 2008


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I'm not sure it was THAT kind of damn, Tank…

HoT oN THe BeaTS… LiKe HeaRTBuRN!

2:53 pm
June 10, 2008



Posts: 176



So here's where I “lay it down” like birds giving birth

since I was “late” with the first, now I'll premature birth

im always TAKIN FIRST so if we both “sick” ya can take a SECOND NURSE!!

or if ya claim I'm the “baddest”, it'll just mean you're SECOND WORST!

you didn't walk so I expected you to ASTOUND ME

hold up.. how do you call yourself “anonymous” with an “ABOUT ME”

peer pressure must be a b*tch for you to be trying to get AT ME

have anyone checked him out? he's got a “face-book'd” full of ACNE!!


uh, and I would “spit” like goats, but I'm CUTTIN SLACK (as in cut-in)

for you, battling me is like “sex with the air”.. you're FUCKING UP!!

he's got more “balls” than mario, so he thinks he can't be beat

I'll put my foot in his mouth so he can taste “defeat (da feet)”!

you threw in one big word so you think the line with “obama” is hot

and I'm like confused saying.. “i didn't know OSAMA CAN RAP”

why claim my death like I'm “haha YOU DOOMED DAWG”?

sure.. but my d**k so big I'll need TWO TOMB STONES (whoa)

ohh, and you got a gay name!!! (hardest line right there)

4:21 pm
June 10, 2008


Posts: 5958

Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


k im to lazy to post up a whole score

so my vote goes to rubs

misha u had some nice stuff, but at points wasnt very clear

I don’t own Shadowville

5:43 pm
June 10, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Kissimmee, FL


meh ill follow shadows footsteps and not do scores lmao……vote goes for rubs……second verse got u the win

6:55 pm
June 10, 2008



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Dope 2nd verse Rubs. Some of the lines were a bit wack like the balls and mario line, but you redeemed the facebooked line this time hahaha. (although I clearly don't have acne in that photo).

Anyway, votin' not looking good for me so, best of luck in the next round.

BTW, don't even start with gay names…”Rubs”….haha

Hit me up anytime if you want to collaborate, mix/produce some of my things.

7:59 pm
June 10, 2008



Posts: 64


I'll do scores. Cuz I'm nice like that.















Good battle, but my vote goes to Rubs.

I make dem beetz