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Snow vs. Mad-Boy-TK


7:36 pm
February 12, 2008



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Who’s first Me Or U?

Snow - Ice Cold Mixtape Out Soon!


8:01 pm
February 12, 2008



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my lyrics hit you so hard, they make u dizzy, 

im only battlin u cuz crypts was busy,

uh, i have yo pussy-ass bitin yo nails,

when you ever seen a rapper that comes from wales?,

yeah, you know i leave yo ass 6 feet deep,

last time i heard u were busy with a sheep?!?!?!,

embarress u, make u swallow ur pride,

when u ever seen ballas from the countryside?,

uh, yeah, now jokin aside,

look i bought u a lil rappers guide,

cuz we all know that u aint bout s**t,

come on drop yo verse so i can battle the crypt,

uh, yeah ill kick yo as out the door,

tell me what the f**k does tk stand for?

im the best around here, dawg, truss me,

but go dont cry like crypt the pussy,



Snow - Ice Cold Mixtape Out Soon!

8:10 pm
February 12, 2008


Fresh Meat

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so you think your hot now with this thing that you say/

i dont want to no how you stil back and you play//

thats rather gay b*tch. stop running your lips/

coz every word you say sound as if your talking s**t//

i dont even no you and i think your insane/

coz every insult you shout man it sound the same//

dont you get it homie. your lines are lame/

id rather site back at home a watch sankes on a plane//

than battle you, your like a shagged up pussy/

you got no ritham in your s**t and my nan does you see//

so think about it now before you tell some one to stop/

listen to your own stuf dawg coz man your a flop//

and so what if you come back with some better ones/

ill still do my own s**t at home and still watch the simpsons//

and that s**t about i was busy with a sheep/

i think that was your mum coz i was making some heat//

and tk stands for as your a total knob now /

i laph rigth back at you english boy as your shagging your cows//

8:10 pm
February 12, 2008



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ayo, dnt get me wrong, i aint no racist i got nuthin wrong wit wales, a lotta my family live there, its just rap

Snow - Ice Cold Mixtape Out Soon!

8:11 pm
February 12, 2008



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aight ima drop ma 2nd verse

Snow - Ice Cold Mixtape Out Soon!

8:17 pm
February 12, 2008

G Pimp


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snowhite u got that first verse but both need to step up… harder punches and more personals

8:22 pm
February 12, 2008


Fresh Meat

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what say that agen

8:34 pm
February 12, 2008



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ayo what the f**k did u think?,

u called me gay, but u wrote it in pink!!!,

and whats wrong with cows man, they give u meat,

but what  u gon get from f**kin a sheep?

and wassup wit yo name, dawg u aint mad,

u must have no life cuz u are so sad,

u gotta learn a lot bout how to rhyme,

ive seen much better lyrics from a mime,

dont give a s**t bout how u feel,

i eat yo sheep for a 3 course meal,

ma words run round u, oh they so athletic,

urs can barely walk, oh they so pathetic,

i aint got nuthin against u mr farmer,

but people go to wales cuz it much mo carmer,

i end this battle victory over mad boy,

u better go back to the states with yo dad boy!

Snow - Ice Cold Mixtape Out Soon!

8:41 pm
February 12, 2008


Fresh Meat

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so what boy got me in ver one/

that joke about sheep now that was dumb//

yeh im welsh and im in wales boy and ill say that pround/

let me tell you another thing boy your mum got me eroused//

sorry to say that snowhite but aint that a film/

for like kid or something man does that give you a thrill//

coz if so dang that gotta be sick/

i noticed in ver one you were thinking about d**k//

that stuff hook on your mind so im gessing your queare/

i thought i herd you say how you let cows f**k your reare//

o dear thought rapper where straight/

on no every body i gess snowhite aint//

and did you get your name from a cake/

hi the name snowflakes and i like to bake//

so you eat the sheep after you say i f**k them/

i hope you enjoy my jizz after you ate them//

and i rote in pink coz i goes with you name/

your just a despreate rapper trying to make your fame//





8:43 pm
February 12, 2008

peace 1394


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nice doggy