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TankScraper vs D.I. Dawg


1:53 pm
May 7, 2008



Posts: 84


Be sure that you secure a cure to every known virus/

My sickness is contagious, trust that it will induce a crisis/

Look close so not to miss the attack I may be sending/

So fast you might say "it’s a bird", and thats what I’m intending/

Don’t stray or try to run away, ’cause you’ll receive a shock/

from your invisible fence, that keeps you confined to the block/

If you want the collar off, you gotta be a good doggie and sit!

No you can’t come in the house, you’re all soggy and s**t!

and you been out sniffin’ d**ks, and rimmin’ the neighborhood cats/

so no you can’t go to the pool party at the neighbor’s dank flat/

You got to wait on the porch for me to come back and feed you/

and the only way you get laid is if I decide to breed you!

I’m your owner, b*tch, get my slippers or I’ll beat you with a newspaper/

I see your doom soon if you disobey, like I’m a f**kin soothsayer/

But you love to do my bidding, and you love the whip and flog/

And I suspect you hump the guy dogs’ legs, askin for D.ick I.n Dawg!


2:03 pm
May 11, 2008



Posts: 84


Alright its been more than 2 days on this I guess DI Dawg is not down.

MODS I’m gonna start a new battle b/c this one isn’t really goin on, if that’s wrong then tell me please. 

3:43 pm
May 11, 2008


Fresh Meat

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tank is fuc.kin beast yo

3:44 pm
May 11, 2008


Fresh Meat

Posts: 2


whoops i meant tank is A fu.ckin beast. props to you