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TankScraper vs Digity Dank


2:45 pm
May 11, 2008



Posts: 84


Here’s my 16 if you’re down digity.  If not, whatever…

How many times must I display my
rhyming versatility?

to the judges hell-bent on proving my

I’m capable of sending armies off to
the slaughter/

My defenses are invincible, like the
Rock of Gibraltar/

I wait way down in the grotto, while
you stroll, singin vibrato/

thinkin you won the lotto and that
you’re fast like Nakazato/

when really you’ve been taken in by my
scheme of confidence/

and you’re walking unknowing toward the
tip of a prominence/

captured in my illusion you proceed
over the edge of the cliff/

I just stand by and watch, take a hit,
and pass off the spliff/

I refuse to waste my well trained
effort on the likes of just you/

I’ll crush your stuff, your speakers,
tapes, and all your mikes are busted too!

Spit acid on your car and the metal
will be completely rusted through/

I’ll change all of the things in your
life that you’re accustomed to/

So show me the quality of the weak ass
s**t you call the "digity-dank"/

but know my style is kigity-kung fu,
while yours is just to wigity-wank/