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TankScraper vs Severe Flow


8:36 am
May 29, 2008



Posts: 84


Heres my first lines for the battle with Flow, A B B A ?  However 

 you wanna do it is cool, just call it out when you drop 16.


I break bonds and barriers with style
strange to the masses and me/

hit infinitesimal targets at five mile
range with accuracy/

I wonder how fast your legs can spur
you away/

I hope you had a good breakfast with
eggs, curds and whey/

‘Cause you’ll need the energy to
survive as my enemy/

I’ll stick your ass in a rectory after
a successful hysterectomy/

you’ll believe after the fact that you
actually bested me/

And I’ll vanish like Houdini while your
eyes are misdirected, see?

So open your toolkit, choose the
sharpest of several blades/

and swing, batter, batter, like you
gonna harvest the everglades/

You can take your best shot, cut me
down, then sit in the shade/

and right as your defensive thoughts,
and tension start to fade/

I’ll rise up like a shadow, and open my

You’ll turn your head real slow, and
begin to realize/

None can kill the Scraper, cause I’ve
got f**kin immortality/

But until you meet your maker you’re
just stuck in your reality/


8:55 am
May 31, 2008



Posts: 84


This makes 3 times in a row where i have dropped a ryhme only to wait and wait for somebody to time out.

What is it, I have the worst luck with this s**t. 

9:00 am
May 31, 2008



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nice run scraper : )

comin up

1:13 pm
May 31, 2008

severe flow

Fresh Meat

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my bad yo my pc’s been off for a minuet

 i’ll have my 16 here shortly

1:15 pm
May 31, 2008



Posts: 46


yea, we wanna see blood : D

comin up

3:55 pm
May 31, 2008



Posts: 84


Oh my lord, I can actually finish a battle???   AWESOME

PK, thanks for the props, you should challenge me after this. 

3:58 pm
May 31, 2008



Posts: 46


i wud get smoked man : D but maby itll take so long, i can develop in the meanwhile ; D then ill challenge u, but its not a promise houmz  : D

comin up

5:37 pm
May 31, 2008

severe flow

Fresh Meat

Posts: 9


iight fo sho, here’s my 1st verse:

Reading over it, it’s clear that he did his diss wrong/

Cause whacks raps like that could never dish harm/

With one-six bombs, this tank is easily disarmed/

Face it, them basic rhymes embedded in your cererbral/

Are way too feeble to match a flow this lethal/

So prepare for your upheaval, cause even as you sit/

Starin at the tip of d**k, wit a line of cum and saliva mixed/

Drippin down your lip, the s**t you spit still aint sick/

I’ll handcuff your wrists, and let you intermix with the fish/

Now let’s see you play magician/

Readers pay attention, you’re about to witness the lynchin/

Of one of shadowville’s weakest musicians/

He starin at his monitor with a grimace, knowin that he’s finished/

He never had any business challengin an emcee known for verbal scissions/

Someone order up a box of tissues and latex/

This pussy’s just been abused by great text/



so, do you respond, or do i come with another verse?

7:49 pm
May 31, 2008



Posts: 176



Now it’s Tank’s turn to drop his second verse. Step up ya game both of you, the multis and flow are nice, but the punchlines don’t woo me (lol I just said woo).

3:46 am
June 1, 2008



Posts: 46


ah Rubs man, u never satisfied : D

comin up