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TankScraper vs Severe Flow


3:50 am
June 1, 2008


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Compton, California


i kno rubs is always hatin

be sure to checkout loose cannon at

9:04 am
June 1, 2008



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Okay Rubs, here’s your punches for ya. Heh, I don’t know if it’ll satisfy but I like it.


You think to classify the mission
statement of my business/

when it’s too complicated for you, like
the words of Trismogistus/

You don’t get the reference, use your
brain-wait, I mean, your Google/

’cause the data contained in your dome
is just a little too frugal/

Fiddle with the keys like you do to yourself                                    when you’re down on your knees/

staring at pictures of me and wishin to
see my lifestyle’s amenities/

Sea anemones got more backbone than
this MC who’s dissin me/

You say I’m lickin the spit but I’m
just rippin the clit of your missus, see?
I’m repeating phrase,
with substance changed, to invigorate your mind state/

While my true goal is to peacefully
alleviate your divine hate/

You’ll never stand back up from the
attacks that I can stack up/

your next verse will just drag stuff
out that’s childish like a snack cup/

My punches comin from every angle, as I
entangle the neat strands/

the outcome of this battle is you
gettin strangled by these hands/

This magician’s on a mission to cure
the wack, and you’re a patient/

elevation is essential, or the train of
thought will leave you at the station/


9:33 am
June 2, 2008



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Ok, I’m getting tired of people timing out.  Friggin post your verse and lose like a man.  I mean, it takes me about a half hour to write a verse. 

I have only gotten to finish two battles out of the five that I started, and one of those isn’t even officially closed.  Am I really that scary, cause I didn’t think so AT ALL.

Maybe people don’t even know about the 48 hour limit? 


12:36 pm
June 2, 2008



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That’s better than your last one

p.s. The mods don’t enforce the 48 hour rule.

4:59 pm
June 3, 2008



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Ok you may be right but this dude was on it at first…I think he already knows the result heh heh…is it easier for you to time out, severe?

1:05 pm
June 5, 2008



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Just for the mods, Im in the battle tourney and it said i cant be in anothe one too.  This one has timed out, so I'm sure it wont matter.

2:41 am
June 8, 2008

severe flow

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haha yes tank…that is the reason why i havent been on the computer…cause im “severely” frightened of YOUR “flow”

if you were smart you woulda used that as a punchline…but yeah, I'M SO SORRY that i dont make visiting shadowville my top priority…im not sayin im super hella busy all the time, i just dont make it a habit of goin to this site a lot..usually its just myspace and them im gone

last time i went on, it said something about the forums bein down so i didnt bother

well, timed out or not, i'll go ahead and post my second 16 since im apparently “scared”

I'mma make my brain burst wit deranged words/

To make sure this fag gets maimed the worst/

Cause this “nut” couldnt be the second comin if I came first/

Sayin you ripped the clit of my misuss/

I bet the only time you ever seen naked b*tches/

Is when you grippin yo three inches/

And gazin through the same monitor thats showin you these verbal scissions/

Despite what you typed, you yourself know yo V-card aint been swiped/

Tryin to be steves replacement, wrestlin with “reptiles” every night/

If that's right, then protect yo heart, cause that's where i plan/

To let this lyrical machete land/

Bitch you couldnt “rip scripts” if you wrote with freddy's hands/

So go ahead and stack attacks, i'll blitzkreig your pitiful brigade/

Tear through yo barricade, cause even you admitted i'm divinely made/

You say fear kept me from returnin, but really yo battle skill on shadowville just aint a burden/

So we'll see who's the patient, when my lyrics discet ya biceps like a surgeon/