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Text Annotation Tools for Machine Learning Projects

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3:18 pm
December 27, 2020


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From web indexes and assumption examination to remote helpers and chatbots, there are various regions of exploration inside AI that require text comment instruments and administrations.

In the AI innovative work ventures, clarified information is gold. Enormous amounts of excellent explained information is a goldmine. Then again, in some cases finding or making this information can be a costly and laborious undertaking for your group. Luckily, there are an assortment of text comment apparatuses and administrations accessible that can furnish you with the information you need. A portion of these administrations incorporate substance extraction, grammatical feature labeling, and assumption examination.

What are the Best Text Annotation Tools and Services?

Peruse on underneath to discover which text comment administration or instrument is best for your task.


Situated in Poland, Tagtog is a book explanation apparatus that can be utilized to comment on content both naturally or physically. Tagtog underpins local PDF comment and incorporates pre-prepared NER models for programmed text comment. On top of the Tagtog apparatus, the organization likewise has an organization of master laborers from different fields that can clarify specific writings.


The LightTag text comment device is a stage for annotators and organizations to name their content information in house. While the starter bundle is free, each bundle level ascents in expense and has a month to month restricted measure of explanations, beginning from 1000 comments every month.

Lionbridge AI

With a specialization in semantics, Lionbridge has a network of 1 million annotators conversant in more than 300 dialects. A portion of our content explanation administrations incorporate content extraction, conclusion arrangement, element comment, named element acknowledgment, and semantic part investigation. Moreover, Lionbridge additionally offers a custom information explanation programming that your group can permit and use for an assortment of text comment projects.


Situated in San Francisco, Scale is a supplier of PC vision and NLP information comment administrations. Through a mix of human work and Scale’s foundation, the organization gives the accompanying content explanation administrations: OCR record, text classification, and examination.


One issue numerous AI analysts and engineers face is gaining admittance to AI preparing information for profoundly particular fields. The group at KConnect tries to help annotators rapidly and effectively arrange and comment on clinical information. In particular, KConnect gives semantic comment, text investigation, and semantic quest administrations for clinical data.


Situated in the United States and Germany, Clickworker is a publicly supporting organization that has a tremendous labor force ready to play out an assortment of undertakings. A portion of their administrations incorporate estimation investigation and classification.

ParallelDots Text Annotation APIs

ParallelDots is a supplier of various content explanation devices and APIs. A portion of their answers incorporate slant examination, feeling investigation, catchphrase extractors, and named substance acknowledgment.


With an immense wellspring of crowdworkers from different nations, Appen is a supplier of various types of AI preparing information. For example, a portion of their content comment administrations incorporate slant comment, expectation explanation, and named substance comment.

Dandelion API

Situated in Italy, Dandelion API gives an assortment of programmed text comment instruments. While they are a generally new business, their instruments can be utilized for substance extraction, estimation examination, and text and substance order.

Dataturks Text Annotation Tools

With an in-house API for information explanation and a great many collaborated reevaluating organizations, Dataturks gives different picture comment and text comment instruments. In particular, a portion of their content naming limits incorporate content characterization, named substance acknowledgment, and grammatical feature marking.