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The Rookie vs PK


5:04 pm
June 9, 2008



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Hey yo PK, sorry I'm late

I know you anticipating the verse

Like an impatient dude after his first date

The rule is to write out 16 bars

About what though, I don't got a fancy car.

I could type the same thing 16 times

Repeat the same word, every other line

This is my first ever rap battle

I'll be roundin up wins

Like a farmer roundin up cattle

I'm real

While you spit fiction

Homie just listen

I'll rap circles around ya

And leave you in a daze

I'm the newest craze


5:19 pm
June 9, 2008



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dude u just stepped on a rake, and u kept homos “mate”
so talkin about ur car aint really gonna get ur promos rate
the rule is to write 16 bars, FULL TILT
not 16 bars of diapers filled with 16 bars of PISS
i got 16 bars on diss on this miss who a farmer
imma rob him and say that his a goner
and WTF, u cant say “im real” and end at that
u a handicap, imma give u hands to clap to my raps
where u at ? new york new york like alex
i rap on his beats and diss u like a fagget on my tablet
man u new here, and u thot its really smart
for u as a cock to battle me and get my feelings up ?
u watch 2 girl and a cup and let it spark on a fecis
i dont say masturbate like im on public TV
think hard before u say “ir the newest craze”
cuz cats not in a serious maze to say that u a stuardess

and my second part

we b askin “who” and cute that u aint plural
but dude aint cool like he chew on soup
this coast we ride bikes not coupes, like air we trust
ur talkin mindless “pops” like a hymens “stock”
im like this violent shmuck so u better be afraid
im a hi-less guy like not polite with my “hey”
u just put in random words to make ur handsome turds
ur so stupid u will get warned last and banned at first
EcKo wud say ur raps is “poop” but i say ur a “hazed mic”
a gay, dyke, that wants to b a rapper but got stagefright
u make rhymes like “key” and “sea”
ill b the Z, im a beast, ur a feast for me
ur a lease, im a buy, ur poor, i got my stacks on
and if it comes to us bein in a human, im THE backbone
if u need a hankey i help u out, i got “paper” all sent in
if u wanna b “sick” then call me often like ur dentist

monkey see, monkey do

7:10 pm
June 9, 2008



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The rookie, thinks that you too full of yourself

All that fake spittin bad for your health

I fly under the radar like a stealth

I was born to rap, the real thing, not this gangsta trash

I'm old school,  and back then we clapped to rap that wasn't wack

All this fake slang, since when were we ok with that?

Yo PK, you can diss me, but I know how real I am

I know the position of where I stand, A changed man

I'm like Mase, Born Again

The rookie's born to win

I'm gonna lose, but I'm more real than you

It's a fact, that I'm back on the map

I'm back on track, with the skill in my bag

Nobody here like me, cause I don't talk they talk

I don't walk their walk, or rhyme about someone being outlined in chalk

I went over the 16 lines, so DQ me, I don't mind

You say my flow is wack, that it goes off track, nah, that's rap

Old school's where it's at.

My rhymin may bounce around like Flubber

But I don't make pointless rhymes about needin a rubber

It's more than that, you can hate on me, cause I ain't no “Mack”

PK, I know real. 

Real is stayin up at night, not knowin if you can go on

cause you don't believe a damn thing that you say any more. 

It's, counting your blessings,

making them into battle lines,

listening to the sound of everbody's cries. 

They want you to shine

But you led em off track

I don't gotta tell you cause I thought you knew

How I do

A real MC, I know you knew, you just, delayin the enavitable

I'm incredible

I'll end this now, clown, right on schedule.

10:04 pm
June 9, 2008



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Kansas City


Ok lets see

The 503 Dude:

1. Multis- 2


3. Vocabulary-2

4. Personals-2

5. Structure-1.5

Total:  9.5

Ok, i will say not to bad for your first time ever. just try to work on your wordplay and make your rhymes link. your structure wasnt too bad altho your bars confuse me.


1. Multis- 3

2.Punchlines- 3

3. Vocabulary- 3

4. Personals- 3

5. Structure- 2

Total:  14

You already know what you need to work on because your pretty seasoned here…. i personally dont get your structure but thats just me…. no-one gets mine either…. NICE JOB BOTH OF YOU!

Shadowville Member Since 2008.

6:16 am
June 10, 2008



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Ima Have To Give It To PK


Money Crack Hoes

2:42 pm
June 12, 2008


Fresh Meat

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6:38 pm
July 15, 2008

lil mama

Fresh Meat

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hey rookie ya rhymez aint lyrical
ima hit you wit a miracle
you think your rhymex are tight
there more like a gay guy gettin laid the first night
they leave you breathless..
i eat b*tches like you for breakfast.
i can spit my game, people know my name,
but with you everythings the same,
u come up from tha ghutta n makin up a fake name