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The States Son vs Calypso


11:13 pm
January 16, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Got the new forum going so we’ll have to re post our verses.  so here is my first…

Watch kids, as i bust verbal clips, to eclipse calypso
Burn this b*tch back like my rhymes were heat-seeking missles
Your destiny is dismal, no need for clever rhymes or riddles
Even my text is deadly, I hope you’re wearing your thimble
After this, you should do like Prince and change yo name to a symbol
Hollywoods on Strike i guess you lost your writers like jimmy kemmel
Yes you are little, small in more ways than size of stature
You’ve met your master, Cal couldn’t be saved by the almighty’s rapture
And rap too? Your potential for greatness is dead with the plague
I’m driven by rage, Your rhymes like you got suggestions from Spadez
With your lame lyrics theirs no reason to rave, reason to play?
Not here, theirs reason why everyone here believes you are gay
Theirs many reasons why i say, you shouldn’t attempt to come back
Run back, ‘This Shit’ I run that, while you couldn’t lift my jock strap
You’re who they’re laughin at, imagine that, matter of fact
bottom line, an easy task, you wouldn’t make a pimple on a rapper’s ass

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12:53 am
January 17, 2008

king cobra

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Please note: This is CALYPSO’s verse. I’m just moving it over from the old forum.

ok here it is.. but first I want to point out States misuse of the word ‘their’.. ‘there’ is what should correctly be there and this is what i mean in line 11.. i think everthing else is pretty clear…


When u talk about the ‘great ones’ the last person u hear is ‘TheStateSon’/
Phrases I’ll create some and smoke ur head like Im hittin a ‘face-blunt’/
‘Heat seekin missles’, yeah ok, my flow will boil ur insides like a gamma ray/
Ur MOM licked my d**k n jus cuz she dont look like a chick dont mean Im gay/
“Take Note: State ur text couldn’t be deadly even if Pac ghost wrote for you/
My words will choke ur throat like my cock when I stroke ur hoes vocal tube/
Revoke his use of battlin, Ima grab the remote n mute his mouth from babblin/
U dont know the half of it, Im so sick in the head neurologists cant fathom it/
Dog I’ll crunch u to ‘pieces’ like ‘reeses’ cause ur the weakest of our species/
U suck more than leeches, u only ‘run in s**t’ cause ur knee deep in feces/
Im just bein honest fam, but Stateson cant even use the correct homonym/
Prefix: homo, when u see d**ks: no no, cause state only ‘gets off’ on a man/
U spittin from rage? Ur lines couldnt be dope even if u smoked purple haze/
Listen Spadez, I shock n raze, spittin labyrinths leavin u trapped in a maze/
Bury u under cement, Ima put the nail in the coffin like Benzino and Eminem/
U will never win, I can name many reasons why but mainly ur too feminine/

12:55 am
January 17, 2008


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Here’s my 2nd::


I was so shocked at your pathetic attempt that i read it again
Maybe if you changed words or letterin or hell, tried forfeitin
You should be beatin, strangled, mangled i wish you were suicidal
Reading your text is more painful than viewing american idol
Got Flow? No sir you most definately lackin in that category
Slantize needs to start scanning you losers and make skill be mandatory
Calypso:  Definition- to be a b*tch so, bad that you repulse others
Disgust others, to make it even worse it’s proven your Spadez brother
Which would make you the weakest of our species, please listen
What you and your dog do with ‘reeses’ peanut butter is your busines
Let’s end this, I’m tired, aggravated, and flat f**kin over it
We all know you came out the closet don’t try to say you’re clostrephobic
So talk again of your "Gay Ray", your boyfriends Jay, and Dan
When it comes to d**ks, Calyps’, "gets on, and gets off" on a man
So go on, roll on, act hard wit yo weak ass lyrics that’s soft
Cause I have the "universal remote" and i’ll just f**kin turn you off

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10:10 am
January 18, 2008


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This amount of time+Calypso=Sick verses.  I hope my formula is wrong.

-”Believe” mixtape now available for free download.

2:01 pm
January 18, 2008

king cobra

Posts: 2754


Unfortunately for you, I think your formula is right.

2:19 pm
January 18, 2008


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Yeah, it’s right. I know it is, but it’s still going to be a good, close battle.

-”Believe” mixtape now available for free download.

1:03 am
January 19, 2008



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my bad it took so long.. ive been busy.. but here it is 


Yo I spit direct connection makin State regret his conception/

Select detention cuz U aint in my class or even in contention/

Hit u so hard it’ll make the world spin the opposite direction/

U show no signs of aggression, put ur b*tch ass in depression/

Suggestion, get a psychiatrist for all the mental compression/

Cuz u cant spit back fast enough like u got vocal congestion/

Got u scared in the church booth sayin ur confessions/

Prayin to God: "Dear Lord, please give me extra protection"/

Pastor says, "States say two hailmary’s and one penance"/

Prays with no hesitation cuz he knows Im comin for vengeance/

No need for a sixteen I can kill em dead with one sentence/

He pees in his jeans just at the thought of my presence/

Dont want to see u bleed so lets agree that ’States secedes’/

I precede ur fate, to the fiery gates of damnation u proceed/

I wont let u be content, u cannot speak without my consent/

State is feelin repent cuz my words have put u in contempt!/


“You gon feel my rush, you don’t feel it then it must be too real to touch.”

1:07 am
January 19, 2008

king cobra

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Voting is now OPEN!

5:15 pm
January 19, 2008


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well mother f**k me. i didn’t even realize you dropped something cal. good s**t, lets get some votes in this heavyweight battle.

-”Believe” mixtape now available for free download.

1:36 am
January 20, 2008


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WELL! Seeing as I’ve been here fourteen days, and my post count was high before the new forum, but is at ten now, I GUESS I CAN VOTE! well I hope to hell I can, cuz I am anyways. Lol.


Multis - 4

Punches - 3

Vocab - 4

Personals - 3 

Structure - 4


I gave a four on structure cuz it was a nice easy read, and it flowed well in my head. Your vocab, to me, was excellent, and your use of multis is great. Your punches and personals to me, could’ve have been better, some didn’t seem to have much of an impact, that is why I gave a 3 in both those catagories. I just didn’t feel like your second verse hit as hard as your first one did. Congrats tho, great battle.



Multis - 3

Punches - 4

Vocab - 3

Personals -5

Structure - 4


I thought your second verse lacked multis, but your first had some good ones in it. I gave you a four on your punches because of the reeses line you flipped around on him pretty good and I loved that line. I thought on your second verse you coulda used some better vocab, but all in all it was well written and I enjoyed reading this battle.


Calypso: 18

States: 19


Close battle. Congrats.



PS. Hope my vote counts :( (hope I did my math right lol) 

“got the game hemmed up… like a sewin’ machine..” -Em