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Trinity Vs. prodd20991


12:25 am
June 26, 2008



Posts: 12


i had to repost this verse from call outs…

Pistols on me Cause nigga i grinds
U run up i tell em dont touch me like busta rhymes
If you hot nigga then im burning like the ketal
run up nigga, next thing u in da hospital
now me, i keep more carrits den roger
pistols on deck, hope u from L.A. u betta be a dodger
fk around with me? u get sunk faster then quick sand
i guess imma superhero cuz i got dat iron man
now dog real talk, ill have it where u cant walk
all about my green, pockets incredible hulk
gotta alot of money, come in the bulks
if this nigga try to take it, da police bringing out the chalk
im hot like wool and my clip stay full
u a animal from the chi? well i guess imma bull
let guns go and hell be gaspin
dey talk s**t and im just laughing


10:54 pm
July 2, 2008

P Rodd


Posts: 17

Elk River MN


you dont wanna battle me so you might as well just stop

you didnt have to repost that but you did cuz thats the only s**t you got,

until i rot in my coffin i’ll never stop rappin

the rhymes you got i like cuz they keep me laughin

you think you can beat me well there aint no way

i bring whites to your hood worse than the KKK

the s**t you say is all dumb and wack

dude your like your mom i try to leave but you keep on coming back

get the f**k off my sack for you get slapped with my glocc

get smacked when you talk when i rap i make you the laughing stock

i heard about you, you carry a purse when you drink

fisrt its the clink they’ll have your ass worse than you think

you talk all hard b*tch i come from west philly

really my gun talks for me so i name my 9 millie vannily

i got some clips that will blow your b*tch outta her blouse

blow your eyes on your lips and make you literally watch whats coming outta your mouth

P Rodd

11:45 pm
July 2, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Kissimmee, FL


this is going nowhere…