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White Rhino vs Blakknight


3:53 pm
February 13, 2008

white rhino


Posts: 156

Bloomington, Indiana


all right you f**kin weirdo… here it goes. I’ll get my verse up some time today / tonight…. ABBA me first


4:40 pm
February 13, 2008


Fresh Meat

Posts: 9


Easy man, yo you need to stop actin so cocky. Naa fo real tryna cuss me out, befo tha battle, it’s kool doe no hard feelins after.


6:25 pm
February 13, 2008


Posts: 5957

Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


startin to sound interesting lol

I don’t own Shadowville

10:44 pm
February 13, 2008

white rhino


Posts: 156

Bloomington, Indiana


I’m playin Edward 40-hands… you think you’re cold? Bring it

cuz I’ma down a King Cobra after I smash this Old English!

I hear the Blak Knight keeps a crack pipe packed tight

& his ass couldn’t see ME with a maglite flashlight!!

I’m a Don in my country …. and Blak Knight’s a bum in his

no way I’ma lose to a guy who f**kin lives under the London Bridge!

Plus this cat reminds me of Skitzo… I’d bet money they’re old friends

you better stay in UK buddy.. this here’s NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN!

The man’s well travelled - he makes occasional visits to Paris

& isn’t embarassed he’s 40 yrs old & still lives with his parents!

u live next 2 shakespeare’s house - I’ll make sure u pass away ON IT

all the tourists’ll find your body hangin in Ann Hathaway’s cottage!

Seriously, this cat’s old as hell & he never even wrote a song

he’d rather stay @ home w mom, smoke a bong & stroke his schlong!

Shit, you know you can’t compete, even though you’re actin tight

cuz the difference btw u & me is like our names… black & white!

10:35 am
February 14, 2008


Fresh Meat

Posts: 9


White rhino, come on thinkin you the best though,

with a wack name like that you should advertise for ecko.

i’m english an i’ll make ya death infamous like those of white chapple

be a man come infront of me n i’ll tear out ya adams apple.

I’m the best out of us two, pussy ya better understand it

You can’t beat me b*tch,so stop speaking ma language.

I’m a real man, though you sound so feminine

go gainst me n ya’ll get ya trailer trashed like eminem.

Yo you need us for the war in Iraq, so you need blak

cause if ya act up, i’ll put 5 in you like 2pac.

I’m blakkkkkk so therefore my d**k is bigger than yours

Mine is called biggie, and yours is smalls!!!!!!!!!!Wink

Yo i saw ya gurl, daym she a real nice lady

she wanted me instead of the real slim shady

The truth is that your my number one fan

stop writin me letter’s , f**k you, stan

11:15 am
February 14, 2008


Fresh Meat

Posts: 9


I bomb on you like japan on pearl harbor

paternity tests on maury show i am yo father

Yo after i’m finish wit ya, you can fo get about havin a quick remark

cause jus afta dark i’ma dump yo corpse out in the trailer park

Yo i was once an underdog like barack obama

but i got untop and underneath me was yo mama

Do ya wanna go gainst me, not even a mayb

cause i’m colder than yo f**kin, ice, baby

Yo i ain’t got time for you, cause your a disgrace

on ya pic there’s 2 face, call em will n grace

Yo you ain’t a don in ya country, you just a nuther punk

Haven’t ya seen that film white boys can’t jump?

Yo, don’t hate cause i can stroke my nice n long schlong

Cause all i get from yesterday was ya moms tyt thong

this nigga hear said that blakknight can’t compete

Well homeboy yo weak rhymes can put coffee to sleep

12:45 pm
February 14, 2008

white rhino


Posts: 156

Bloomington, Indiana


Yo, this guy called me Eminem … and then quickly got on his Dick.

Yeah, I’m white …. Bitch I could jump out of a bottomless pit!

His first verse was Slim Shady … and I’ll admit it was hella tight

but his second verse he was gettin inspiration from Vanilla Ice!!

talkin bout Ice Baby… Seriously, that verse was a bad one

and I’d rip out YOUR Adams apple …. but I’m not sure you have one!

& if he ain’t a black Lady I swear to God this man’s a Crack Baby…

This guy’s like that Common Song … you Black …. Maybe!!

It’s like this … if I EVER in my LIFE found out that this dude’s my Father

I’d cut off your Fuckin Hand, u could call me Luke Skywalker!

& In my pic that’s my brother. Show some respect, he’s facin Fed Time.

Cuz here in Indiana we’re busy makin moves when it’s your Bedtime!

This dude’s about to get mercked…. you’ll be shoutin a curse

when I grab both of your nipples and rip em out through ur shirt!

And after hearin ya verses I think this guy’s gayer than a Pink Caddy

I mean for real — dude talked about our d**ks & then he winked at me!

1:01 pm
February 14, 2008



Posts: 69


blakknight -

 vocab- 3

structure- 2




 total- 14


white rhino-

vocab- 2

structure- 3





total- 13

Snow - Ice Cold Mixtape Out Soon!

1:02 pm
February 14, 2008

white rhino


Posts: 156

Bloomington, Indiana


13… r u f**kin kidding me… lol w/e

1:25 pm
February 14, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 4044

Digital Velocity


white rhino said:

13… r u f**kin kidding me… lol w/e

i agree wit rhino