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White Rhino vs Ja-Taa the Misfit


11:53 am
February 20, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

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Digital Velocity


oh… s**t…

12:46 pm
February 20, 2008

Liquid Smoke


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Damn, don’t f**k with us crazy Canadians

8:24 pm
February 20, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Rhino, half of that verse was aight man, the other half just wasn’t on Ja’s level.  I hope you drop a f**king legend in your last verse, because JT just blew your first to kingdom f**king come. 

You should know Ja by reputation, your punches gotta be on point and you gotta keep your guard up if you’re to last a round in the ring with Misfit.  He got another verse to drop, and you know this motherf**ker gonna keep it locked up like a vault.  You’d better be ready with those flips homie.

HoT oN THe BeaTS… LiKe HeaRTBuRN!

12:49 am
February 21, 2008



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damn…. ja - you are crazy wit battles man… good s**t can’t wait for your 2nd verse

” you can’t blame me, for i’m the product that you made me. “

3:33 am
February 21, 2008

Ja-Taa the Misfit

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In the chatbox Rhino said:

"i’m in a group with my roommate… called Hoosier Connect"

so ya, it seems Rhino plays in some kinda band with some boys from Indiana… just thought I’d provide some point of reference for those who don’t know.
Now on with the show…

Verse II


Rhino’s butt "buddy" came tearin back, cuz he’s too scared of sarin gas

Now the 2 of em sharin laughs, under the covers with bare ass-cracks

Strokin their hairless sacs to nude pics of terrorists in Iraq

Tryna dis me cuz I’m unsigned, while he’s too embarrassed to put up tracks

You wanna act like a major hotshot? where’s YOUR big fancy record deal?

Or you still takin facial cumshots, gettin paid for ur pansy sex appeal?

His roommates are ‘Bob & Neil’ (kneel), in his boyband Hoosier Connect

But really, who here can guess… which one blows Rhino’s ‘horn’ the best?

And yes, I must confess, this may seem like a lotta gay jokes

But hey folks, these ain’t jokes… Rhino needs them ‘buoys’ like sailboats!

And your mom’s employed for pesos, in a rundown Tijuana whorehouse

And every night by sundown she’s had even more cocks than your mouth!

I think I’ll wear ur note on my back, but draw an arrow pointin left…

And stand right next to ur mom, so she can earn some coin for rent

What a disappointment you’ve been, I thought you’d attack with force

And by the way, I work in a morgue… so I’ll only be stackin ur corpse!



shhhhh… it’s ok Rhino, it’s almost over now

Electric arcs streak to restart ur deceased heart beat / That’s when I pull back the starched sheet so I can feast on the dark meat

10:43 am
February 21, 2008



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u rip em first verse 2 just a little sloppy but funny s**t

10:45 am
February 21, 2008


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


lmfao damn ja, … rhinooooo BRING IT BIGGGG

I don’t own Shadowville

1:00 pm
February 21, 2008

Liquid Smoke


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This is gettin good

3:08 pm
February 21, 2008

white rhino


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Bloomington, Indiana


huh… kinda let me down with that one JA


I’ll get my verse up tonight

4:16 pm
February 21, 2008



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Oh, Ja sum sik azz punch lines, Rhino hope ya punchlines is jus as gd. We’ll have ta c wen ya drop ya verse gd battle so far.