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White Rhino vs Ja-Taa the Misfit


8:04 am
February 25, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 4044

Digital Velocity


Rhino - 18
Structure: 4
Multis: 3
Vocab: 4
Punches: 4
Personals: 3


Ja Taa - 22
Structure: 4
Multis: 5
Vocab: 4
Punches: 5
Personals: 4


yeah, i copied and pasted jam’s vote… i agree 100%… ja and zinn, i look forward to. 

1:59 am
February 26, 2008

Ja-Taa the Misfit

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Jamino said:

Like I gotta say s**t to you, you crazy bastard!  Try takin it easy on people round here for a change!  Facist…

The way I figure it, I can either maim a few big dogs, or slaughter a whole bunch of little yappy ones.  Either way, somebody’s gotta get hurt, takin it easy just ain’t an option. Besides, everybody likes a nice bloodbath… unless of course it’s their blood.  Right Rhino?  j/p…you delivered some nice material in this one man… and losing with a unanimous score of 18 ain’t all bad.  Just a thought here… maybe you should battle Carnage, he’s actually pretty good at this s**t…check the callout section.

Anyway, thanks for the votes guys, always appreciated.  And thanks for puttin ur money on me Jam in my upcoming battle with Zinn… this should be one to remember.



Electric arcs streak to restart ur deceased heart beat / That’s when I pull back the starched sheet so I can feast on the dark meat

12:36 am
March 9, 2008

king cobra

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Ja wins this one 3 - 0. Battle is now closed and scoreboard has been updated