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White Rhino vs Peace


12:11 am
February 12, 2008

white rhino


Posts: 156

Bloomington, Indiana


wow …. he’s like, I’ma kill u w my second verse… and I was really impressed, like, dude really stepped it up but I’m still gonna stomp on him … and THAT is just f**king ridiculous that you would steal a whole VERSE like that. Fuck you Peace.


Seriously tho stick around and work on your s**t & you’ll get better but get that biting s**t the f**k out of here

7:44 am
February 12, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 4044

Digital Velocity


this is a hip hop site… stop jackin s**t!


anyone noticed the stolen s**t sounds better spittin then written?

8:30 am
February 12, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 560


this dude is just Lil Flash on an other account.

Spadez - Friend,Battler,Serial Rapist :)

2:32 pm
February 13, 2008

king cobra

Posts: 2754


Looks like Rhino wins this one, 4 - 0. Good job Rhino…battle is now closed and scoreboard has been updated

5:48 pm
February 18, 2008

Arab Soldier


Posts: 28


Looks like another consecutive win for Rhino. He took that one there, peace ya coulda done more to win that battle. Quite close battle u 2 should rematch sometime.