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XF4L vs anybody who wants in this


1:03 am
July 2, 2008



Posts: 16


Spit venomous, born lyricist,
nigga here comes the abyss,
with the soul of desruction, mind on nothin,
bustin not rememberin a thing, you weak, you a lame,
you dont want it with me, ill eat you up, spit you out and thats called defeat,
i go hard in my rhymes, makin money with my 9’s,
lifes a struggle now so i stay on the grind,
its easy to slip up, my vest stay zipped up,
macs, nines and millies all stay clipped up,
for you niggas tryin to run up, BOOM
you get shot down, wichita kansas,
yea thats where im found,
so if you want me come find me,
my goons stand behind me,
nomore wack emcees,
XF4L we make the track bleed