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Young Boi Vs Babyrec


11:22 pm
May 7, 2008



Posts: 43


lets just get this battle on track and both do our verses and hope mods accept it

11:35 pm
May 7, 2008



Posts: 43


this fagot ass bul tryn scare me like sleepy hollow, my words move in circles and cut u up like Wheatie’s silo’s/
whats ur name b*tch, decca or some s**t?, imma take u to the mecca, and show u a numb spit/
get it? numb spit cuz u aint feelin my writings, shock u like a fresh episode of ufo sightings/
yo pussy, hit u in various spots like u a leapard, in dryer or wetter weather, ur rain gon die like mason betha’/
cuz im betta so nigga stick to script, cuz u runnin ya mouth like u got treadmills on ya lips/ Kids sure hes dope… but they say it takes game to see game/
Makes sense in your case, cuz no one on shadowville knows your name/
Kids a pussy, starts to cry as my punches rain down like meteor showers/
Fucking coward….he’s scared enough to just faint and fall like the twin towers/
This b*tch wants me to step up… well, here I am, so step down/
Only applause this kid got was the clap when his face hit the ground/
Damn man, your s**t man… you verse will never get votes/
and not cuz we don’t know you, but none of ya bars worth quotes/ you’ll have bullet’s grazin’ your head grippin’ that bannie for ya life/
ill have no problem runnin’ up point blank jus’ to jook you with a knife/
blade dull as f**k sinkin’ deeper and deeper as you speak/
i dont keep the scene dirty so i stopped the blood before you leak/
holdin’ on to your last thoughts lookin’ up at the bright light/
you just got lyrically KO’d and you’s the one who asked for the fight/

11:40 pm
May 7, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 802

Compton, California



U dawg u bout to get froze up, and like yo sad computer u gon crash/
And ima drop this go to sleep, and I’ll still be kickin yo ass/
U seem to be a mod magnet, either that or rb’s had it with u/
Or the mods say u suck, and 4 erry new name a ban they issue/

This time maybe u’ll give up, get off rb for good, go back to ur so called hood/
Cuz ur rhymes couldn’t be hard hitting if u wrote them on wood/

I maybe random, but still my mind stays right on it’s track/
Dunno how u in dope perception, cuz all the qualities of dope u lack/

But hey, I’ll wish u good luck, and give u a hint to ur retarded game faces/
Never post again, u just clogging off memory and the space’s wasted/ight look

u aint just set up tha battle u just set up ya self/
nigga i spit fire and this heat is bad 4 ya heath/(heat as in gun)

battlin me you swimming wit sharks off the coast of florida/
just like that white gurl u dead but nobody warned ya/

evrybody and they momma know this is a slaughter /

u like mugsy bows tryin knock down shaq/
ya verbal skill is wack im droppin bombs like amerika on iraq/

you a broke down honda im a 05 caddy/
lyrically fatherin ya ass s**t call me daddy/

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