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4:57 pm
June 1, 2008

yung ceeby

Fresh Meat

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5:03 pm
June 1, 2008

yung ceeby

Fresh Meat

Posts: 6


 Im flowing sweet from my soul

i make it hot lyk tokyo

i cud take it all

my rap enlarges lyk a mic show

battle me and u be s**tting bricks

my rap never outdated when it drop it sticks

5:14 pm
June 1, 2008

yung ceeby

Fresh Meat

Posts: 6


im strickly number one hiphop attic

babyrec trys 2 freestyle but only caught static

im an original rap-amatic

lyrics come easy flows so supreme

crop king im the top of the cream

to overtake me is ur number 1 dream

5:19 pm
June 1, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Compton, California


i’ll smash you up against the bricks, f**k leaving me scarred/ 
I see ya b4 documentaries about retards/
plus your styles sloppy, lines are choppy, I’m ripping this/
last time you had your s**t in check, he got diagnosed with syphilis/
my punches scar like tattoos, but I don’t need them to ruin ya/
I could save my jabs for men n’ still give this henna transfer to juniors/
honestly you lack b*tch, your title don’t mean s**t in practice/
if we chart the way the land lies, you’re just on topographs of wackness/
i smack up fools and look for dope heads who can test my s**t/
n’ i’ve got ya earmarked, your eyes black and your nose off to the left a bit/
plus you dress like a fag, and celebrate when nailing men/
guys see ya bask in victory, n’ the less special corsets when/ you fail again/
i’ll leave you flat, like we in football and u 4got ur cup/
b*tch I would only stupefy…thought you were actually worth helping up/

be sure to checkout loose cannon at

6:04 pm
June 1, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 802

Compton, California

Frenzy is the real contender. So my chances of gettin killed are slim./
I take it back Frenzy, YOU’D have to add a couple letters to ya name to be as il as him./
I’m classed as elite. I’ll have you running home fast in retreat/.
Have your feet on a dash so long it inspired relaxing techniques in the passenger seat./
It’s like he’s on lookout, I saw him spying, scopin’ with a zoom./
Fuck concentrating. If he’s focused on me.. I musta left the curtains open in my room./
As far as bein the best at flippin lines, Im better./
But his concepts DO unify.. cuz they’re the result of mixing different people together./
Try keepin ya sex life confidential, it just worsens when this kid lies./
He has alot of information on anal, but that’s because he has a person on the inside/
Fuck your stretched wordplay, it’ll just blow up with no course/
But you DID bring everything you have.. cuz ya concepts usually show up in full Force/
Take a picture of a real champion. Ya s**t’s known to stay in the trash./
Like a disposable camera.. i’ll use you and then f**kin’ throw you away in a flash/

be sure to checkout loose cannon at

6:11 pm
June 1, 2008



Posts: 46


omg, this battle is sad


structure - 2

vocab - 2

punches - 1

personal - 1

multies - 1


 structure - 3

vocab - 3

punches - 3

personal - 2

multies - 3


do the math urself  

comin up

6:16 pm
June 1, 2008



Posts: 64


Young Frenzy

structure- 2





Total- 6. You need to do more than 6 lines a verse….and you need to somehow make fun of your opponent.








Total- 15.5. Too easy.

I make dem beetz

10:44 pm
June 1, 2008



Posts: 84


Noone can tell that this is just Young Stacks again???

Young, you can’t even keep the same name for a week, you’re a coward and an internet junkie who doen’t understand anything about hip-hop.  And still you refuse to learn any better.

4:52 pm
June 2, 2008

yung ceeby

Fresh Meat

Posts: 6


Like petrolium i burn to fire

no tears for those i retire

if u had no beef before

here is ur free pass to conspire

used to be king but now the squier

singing lost praises with the choir

promises of victory ive made u a liar

side glares of me uou never tier

my reputation procedes

while urs recedes

i shud have killed u long ago but instead i let u live

i played u like a card and put u under the sleave

now everbody knows who is the big dog

your just a puppy druggling ur tail along

inventing conspirisies with nobody to follow

drowning deep in ur sad sorrow

i give u a bone and off my craps u survive

and thats why you are still alive

this is the worst revenge

to see ur enemy scavenge