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Yung Tech Vs Phaze


11:12 pm
April 23, 2008

Mr Amazin AkA LimitLESS


Posts: 90


lame ass heres my first verse


and its goin A-B-A-B


but prolly only A-B cuz you aint gunna top me 


11:12 pm
April 23, 2008

Mr Amazin AkA LimitLESS


Posts: 90


while im sittin back maxin’ out my american Express,

This Trick Phaze is poppin STACKER 2 ina quest to get rid of his breasts,

son you fat ass hell and got s**t that should only appear on the opposite sex,

im just gettin startin and i could tell that you already coppin’ a sweat,

Dumb f**k fallin for tricks caused you a loss of a check,

i dont need to guess, it was a 150 dollars to be exact,

stab your ass with a blade during liposuction as i pull the syringe back,

Everyone on this site knows phaze needs nothin buta good b*tch slap,

hah funny thing, every time you jump your tits-do-that,

i got s**t you only rap about that could flip-U-Back,

U Spit-so-wack that i, gotta plug up my ears,

i herd your s**t on my myspace man that s**t almost brought me tears,

There many people like you Phaze and its madd easy to end they careers,

iTs time for you to learn, and make ya life U-Turn,

cuz dude, Rap just aint Ya thing, find somthing that suits you like donating your sperm,

You Tried to step to Yung Tech ANd it Took only one verse for your ass to get burned.

11:33 pm
April 23, 2008



Posts: 53

El Monte

  • Yung Tech, learn how to respect/

face the boss and face the loss as my lyrics inject/

im like sticking air in your veins, get rid of your name/

your voice is the reason for so many hearing aids/

im lucky to be the lame of the month here/

you barely joined and your already the lame of the year, you dumb queer/

you wining this battlle, is like a cat killing a doggy/

reason of death, Phaze will appear in your autopsy/

f**king pussy, if you actually get a vote it will be your own but shadowville wont allow that, trust me/

go cry like the lil b*tch that you are/

your f**king with a leuitunenaint in rap thats gonna be leaving you scars/

Homie your lucky you found your way b*tch cuz no one was digging your s**t/

last time i check you were a part of the lost generation/

and you ask yourself "WHY DIDNT MAMA HAVE THE ABORTION" /

I agree with you, You dont deserve this air your absorbin/

You just mad cuz i have a buff chest/

cuz if i were to sock you in yours youd have no breath enough sed/ 

you annorexic f**k, throwing up is what all this caused /

oohh hhod up homie let me get your autograph, are you a survivor from the Holcaust 


12:08 am
April 24, 2008

Mr Amazin AkA LimitLESS


Posts: 90


First things first u claimin im jelous of your "Buff ass Chest"

you might think your stacked but most would call that s**t fluff at best,

and as for the vomiting,

tht only happens wen my stomach contents is sqeezed out
due to your mothers fat ass being on top of me,

but enough rapping like we got some sort of mental comradery,

the final fact is u suck ass like preists performing holy sodomy,

Damn! you gotta be,

the worst case scenario, a Fat kid takin a SHIT on the rap game,

you just straight talkin s**t while im speakin real Facts mayne,

talkin bout this and that that and this sayin u in the fast lane,

when you aint never gunna exceede more than 15 mph on the highway,

by the way, Rap aint got room for bi-curious fools like you,

im the flyest thing around, stand next to me Ull look like the nerd in school,

but that wouldnt be much of change for lame BITCHES like phaze,

i Got My 9 pointed at My Computer Right now, wishin to hell it was your face,

id Show you how Real Thugs play,

draggin your body away like a MOUNTAIN CAT with a domesticated DOG in its claws,

this raps over, enough with The Punchlines, Cuz the bell just rung and its Phaze’s Lunch Time,

12:44 am
April 24, 2008



Posts: 53

El Monte



To Me you can be Fly/

but without the Rhymes you aint better than the nerd guy/

me dropping b*tches like you, is a routine like how birds fly/

grab your nine put it between ur eyes/

let me give you some advice/

shoot yourself b*tch and tell God i sed Hi/

dawg you talk alotta s**t for a b*tch/ 

imma get you like my trash paper and get ripped/ 

still talking about my chest, your obsessed/

talk about moms, i got yours caressed/ 

sorry my mom dont like pussies, and plus she aint a lesbian/

so you be better off turning gay with ur best friend/

Yung Tech, I got Jibbed but you gonna get checked/

like a kid outside of the hood you dont have any respect/

dang i cant believe God blessed you/

i mean you still cant spit, but you passed to test 2/

your better off as a comedian/

but still no one would feel your s**t, that why you would never eat again/

call me a doctor, i just figured your problem/

if your having troubles with your Vagina get your act together and solve em/

the Nazis shooda finished you off when they had the chance to/

your just mad cuz you dont have a track like mine that kats can dance 2/





11:13 pm
April 27, 2008

Mr Amazin AkA LimitLESS


Posts: 90


Hahaha This b*tch lame man

11:50 pm
April 27, 2008



Posts: 77


Yung Tech

 Multies: 3.5

Punches: 3.5

Personals: 3

Structure: 3

Vocab: 3


Score :16


Multies: 3.5

Punches: 2.5

Personals: 3

Structure: 2

Vocab: 3


Score: 14


Just thought tech did a bit better job on this one.

You can-suck-a-fuckin-stick-a-dynamite, and-struck-the-fuckin-wick-a-light. It’ll hit you harder then-I-motherfuckin-hit-my-wife.