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Yungice8 vs. DJ EcKo


6:53 am
April 29, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Kissimmee, FL


Well this is yungice’s first verse he postd it in the wrong place:

ma rhymes are burning this site like a broken toasta

LIL CRAIN is my name im that young blood soulja

im just spraying s**t i dont mean to fold ya

this my first time batlling and i already skooled ya

i am winning ur loosing it like im synchronizing

my lines are scrupoulus u gotta start realizing

i got so much honeys shouting out kalabanga

im dangerous aka lil thunda mutha fuka no reason to wonda

im here now skillz is wat i took

im walking in,, it aint cold homie why u shook

fuk the world your all mine, i run this

im loosing my patience listenin to ur nonsense

ima drop you all i need is a mic

i may be white but ask the crowd, im just binging light

your name is DJ ecko

but i keep getting build up like your ladies lego

i got the jewls on my skin that have ur ladies screamin

your words are thin ma rhymes will have you limpin

im known everywhere like babe ruth

you talk like u hard but how come i just dropped your tooth

i got the balls to slice your vein

im like a nine pull my trigger and ill fly in some pain

saying u callies finest, but if i roll there ima be the main

i was born ready

spitting and kiiling ya like its steady 

i’ll have mine up later today 


6:05 pm
April 29, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Kissimmee, FL


hey yo Yung just to make it slear this battle is a/b/a/b iight ill have ma verse up within the hour

7:23 pm
April 30, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Kissimmee, FL


sorry for the delay……in reaity im caught up with so much shyt im delayed in everything but heres my verse:

First of all please explain wtf is a kalabanga?/

is that just gay slang or did u learn how to rap from ur grandma?//

U call urself so much shyt im surprised u realized my name is DJ EcKo/

yes i do get girls, all u get is fat b*tches sayin "leggo my eggo"//

"Fuck the world ur mine", kid listen to urself ur gay and out of ur mind/

your shyt is so bad ur name aint babe ruth its Kevin Fedderline//

u "knocked" a tooth, but i dislocated ur jaw like u just got d**kwhipped in the face/

the girls see ur "jewels" and scream "omfg they’re so fake"// 

You can go to cali, I’ve never been there so get ur facts str8/

Bro i’ll give u a mic, i still win while u cry in a corner sayin "f**k i just got raped"//

your verse is elementary,as basic as learning your vowels/

just throw in the towel, a white flag, before u get evisecrated and disemboweld// 

your lines aint like a broken toaster, they just so bad I wana burn the site/

i think its illegal 4 u to be so gay and have ur lyrics in plain sight//

I got the balls to pimp you, please in SVP dont try to lie/

You aint bringin no light, most you’ll do is make little girls cry// 

8:23 am
May 1, 2008


Fresh Meat

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Saying u got rhymes but ima show you the realluh man

ill have you below my shoes called FILA man

i dont mean to burn ur heart, ok ill stop kidding ur a reck

getting tight blue popping out your kneck

look i dont mean to attack ur name

but i pop like waynes bottles and you bring me lame

smoking weed for the relieve of stress

while u barkiing like a b*tch ima show you that you entered the wrong nest

i study the dictionary using words like ima leave you devastated

feeling like you lost like john kerry cause me and rap are related

battling me homie you must be insane

im here to stay, homie pray cause this is my lane

20 b*tches on my bed like 50 cent’s candy shop

one bad breath and you wil get poped pop pop

there aint no dilemma between me rapping a faker

your rhymes are a disgrace your just a defeat taker

you better recognize yea i mean realize lil crain in here to demolish

i put my heart in rap and it will be there cause i dont freestyle i spit with stylish

By the end I will leave you looking down to the ground with a frown

lets stop waisting time homie give me my crown

stop reversing my lines and write your one rhymes

I understand u trying to be like me but im a prime

you say my jewls are fake but ur cost a dime

9:54 pm
May 1, 2008

Yung Skillz


Posts: 454



lmao dj ecko is plainly killinq you man

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im only fallinq if the ground breaks.-YS

6:24 am
May 2, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Kissimmee, FL


ROFLMAOJHLKDJH!!!!!!   ummmmm thanx for ur opinion……and nice signature……i wonder where u got it from??????

9:48 am
May 2, 2008

dj sen1


Posts: 23


hehe….ecko……i think u got a fan lmao….

9:32 pm
May 11, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Kissimmee, FL


Whats wrong b*tch? i told you battlin me was just wrong/

you say my jewels cost a dime,but my prime jewel is your mom// 

Ill give u a Burger King crown so u feel happy then send u to the "play-place/

your name is Lil-CRANE, u squatin like a b*tch, a family disgrace//

u aint like 50 cent, ur more like lil wayne except ur a bad rapper/

thats why the 20 b*tches in ur bed are all men while u let em "lick ur wrapper"// 

u say this is your lane but u so easy i beat u by driving in reverse/

my lines are good while urs are shyt stuck under a CONVERSE//

you probably haven’t even seen a 9mm, let alone written a good rap/

u cant even get sex thats why u got voted as "most likely to f**k a cat"//

ur so easy and mah rhymes are too good, leave u with a shocked sate of mind/

thats why i just beat u with 12 reversed lines//

9:35 pm
May 11, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 565

Kissimmee, FL


meh definitely NOT my best……probably my worst verse hahaha….im so delayed on everything at the moment i cant think str8…….oh well……and im definitelly having my audio against hy recorded tomorow

11:01 pm
May 11, 2008



Posts: 84


Ecko, you may have slacked a little, but it doesn’t take much AT ALL to smash Yung Bitch. (Until he decides on one name I suggest we all just use this one, it fits)

Do we even have to vote on battles he’s in?   I mean as far as numbers.  I can’t even tell if he’s serious, and I hope he’s not.