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Why Buy A Shadowville Beat?


Congratulations, if you made it this far that means you must like our beats! If this is your first time buying a beat or thinking of buying a beat online, just please read this page in its entirety. For only .99 USD, you can license one of our beats non-exclusively and record your vocals on them, put them on an album or for download, and sell your recording for profit. Remember, for each non-exclusive license purchased per beat, you’re only limited to 2000 copies to be duplicated through a profitable medium. Look through our website, play and listen to any beat, and if you’re interested in purchasing a license for it, click the Buy A License button to proceed to checkout. Still hesitant? Why buy a beat, you ask? Well, read on!

  • Be Legal. Let’s say that your friend hands you some beats you think you’d flow well on. You record on them, put ‘em on a CD and start selling them and then make a quick buck. Soon enough, the original producers of those beats come and tell you that you used them without their permission — a lawsuit follows and you lose a large amount of your hard earned money! This is one of the most common mistakes of artists who begin to make a name and then is roadblocked because they did not properly buy a license or obtain permission.
  • Get Original Beats. So you wanna start spittin some of your hot fire and try to put out a mixtape. But you lack original beats so you flow over some 50 Cent and T.I. instrumentals. Sure you may sound hot, but it’s still technically not your own song. Why not buy a license and turn it into your own original song?
  • Impress Record Labels. Good beats are a surefire way to sound better. Good beats catch A&R agents and talent scout ears, because it’ll be one more factor to make a person listen to you. Record labels will also be tired of hearing the same unoriginal beats in your demos, yet when you present them with a Shadowville beat, not only will they be impressed but also note that you have taken the effort to obtain original beats!
  • Real Licensing of Rights. Don’t be fooled. Lots of beat licensing websites out there offer you thousands of beats at a seemingly dirt cheap price, but do not actually allow you to get licensing permission to use the beats for commercial (for-profit) projects. If it’s too good to be true at such a cheap price, then it probably is. Make sure you go through a legitimate licensing company such as Shadowville Productions to grant you legal permissions by written contract.
  • Only The Highest Quality of Music. Do you want a Honda or a Mercedes? Our limited selection of beats ensures that only the highest quality of beats at a professional industry level are available, where every single beat is brilliantly composed by talented professionals with care and skill. Don’t waste your time browsing a “portal” music website where you have to wade through thousands of crappy beats from no-name producers trying to snatch some fast cash from the ignorant. Shadowville is a highly respected name with a client list of Kurupt, Outlawz, Dead Prez, and many more.
  • Safe and Trustworthy. Buying beats through our website is safe, quick, and easy. We have been in business for over 2 years and are trusted as an incorporated company under the State of New York, to deliver the best of instrumentals to you. Unlike many unreliable and shady beatmakers online, we guarantee product delivery or your money back.
  • Affordable and Reliable. What cheaper way is there than to obtain copyright permissions enforced by government law of original hip-hop instrumentals (remember: industry-level quality!) for less than forty bucks! No headaches: just find the beat you like, click Buy A License, make your payment, and — voila! — instant download of the beat and contract.

So are you ready to buy a beat? Learn about how Shadowville licensing works.

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