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Professional Critiquing

Making an excellent first impression is everything. If you are aiming to get signed by a major label, sell alot of records, or simply want to just get heard, you will need a song of professional quality at industry standards. Our professional critiquing service here at Shadowville can provide guidance and advice with the goal of improving the quality of your music. Shadowville provides professional, experienced critique editors to assess your musical work, under a rigid and successful guideline. The songwriting experts have a depth of experience in the recording industry (and hip hop specifically). With our professional critiquing service, we guarantee a solid, honest, no-bull analysis report of your song.

Select one of the service levels below, and click the corresponding ‘BUY NOW’ button to make your purchase via credit card, money order, or Paypal. After completing the purchase, e-mail the song you wish to have reviewed (one song per purchase only) to review @ The song must be in MP3 or .WMA format (128 kbps quality or higher recommended). We encourage you to submit the best version of your song for the most accurate review. Lastly, please attach a copy of your Order Confirmation receipt or mention the Order Confirmation Number in the e-mail as reference and proof of purchase (failure to do so will result in a delay). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact sales @ or call 1-888-43-BEATS.

Available Service Levels:

  • Summary Analysis ($35) - A single page report highlighting the most important aspects of your song and any crucial problems to address. Key factors we look at are lyrics, delivery, and recording and mixing quality. An overrall grade will be scored on a scale from 1-10.
  • Full Analysis ($75) - This includes the standard Summary Analysis, in addition to each song element broken down and commented on such as rhyme schemes, marketability, and instrumental, in addition to lyrical content, delivery, and recording and mixing quality. Each element will be rated on a scale from 1-10 in addition to an overall grade. We also include a detailed Conclusion section with helpful insight on how to improve your flaws.

Turnaround Time:
Your analysis will be completed and delivered to your e-mail address within 4-7 business days after receiving your song submission and payment. The Shadowville professional critiquing service is available only in the English language.

The Review Staff:

  • Andrew “DZK” Jackson - A very well known independent hip hop artist, notorious for both his poetic and controversial rhymes. His self-produced and self-written music earned him the attention of major labels and much street cred, giving him also the expertise to listen and critique songs in a very detailed and experienced manner. He has an extremely large fanbase with a thorough track record, having earned him chart topping positions on sites such as Soundclick and Myspace with music licensed to major film, television shows, and video games. Mr. Jackson is a brilliant writer and listener, full of insight, guaranteeing you a quality analysis and detailed review of your music.

Note: If you would like to have a beat reviewed instead of a song, please contact sales @ to set up a custom critique and analysis.