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Theft & Piracy

We gladly give away our beats for non-profit use, specifically for listening and personal recording purposes (as long as credit to Shadowville Productions is given). However, if you intend to record your vocals on a Shadowville beat and sell the track for profit (or even any amount of money at all) without permission or a license, then this is known as piracy and it’s just plain wrong (not to mention illegal)!

The producers here at Shadowville Productions work very hard, committing time and sweat to produce these instrumentals and provide aspiring artists with industry-level beats at an amateur-affordable price. If you steal our beats and then sell it as your own, or sell the recorded track as if you paid for it, it’s extremely disrespectful to us. If you are a serious artist, don’t jeopardize your credibility as a musician (and your future in the industry) and infringe on copyrights — you should know better.

The income Shadowville Productions generates goes to keeping the production group alive. Without proper licenses being sold then the prices of licenses will have to increase, or there will be no more free beats, or even worse — the producers would not be able to continue producing beats as they will have to end up getting a job at, say, McDonald’s. So be real to yourself and give us the respect we deserve: just buy a license or just use it for NON-profit purposes!

Once again, please, if you want to use the beat for profitable use, buy a license! Thanks for reading!

See here for purchasing information.