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Congratulations to winners Lorenzo & Massiah for their Tuesday song and video! Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for next summer’s Make-A-Hit IV Contest!

  • 1st Place: Lorenzo & Massiah - Tuesday. 8GB iPod Touch, Dell Mini 10v Notebook Computer, Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones, 4 months of banner ads and a sponsor shot feature.
  • 2nd Place: Lucy Pearson - Show You What I Can Do. $50 Gift Card, three gift vouchers.
  • 3rd Place: Rage617 - Throw My Love Away. Three gift vouchers.
    Runners-Up: MoBettaMoChedda, Ryan & Ryan, The Jester. One gift voucher.

Please read everything below in its entirety and watch each video carefully before voting.

Although this year’s Make-A-Hit contest had a video requirement, decisions were still based on the song first, and then video second. Song factors that were important included content/topic, originality, delivery, mic presence and confidence, lyrics, structure, and recording and mixing quality. Video factors that were important included creativity, visual or story cohesiveness, effort, and footage quality.

There were alot of good submissions this year, but we could not show them all here (try searching keyword shadowville on YouTube). However, the good news is we’ve extended the finalists to vote for from three to six!

If the videos below are not playing properly, please refresh your browser and try again.

1. MoBettaMoChedda - Fresh 2 Def

2. Lucy Pearson - Show You What I Can Do

3. Lorenzo & Massiah - Tuesday

4. Rage617 - Throw My Love Away

5. Ryan & Ryan - Pen Pal Love

6. The Jester - Flight 4.20/09

Voting (free account required)
We now ask you to carefully listen to and view the six finalist videos in an unbiased manner and help decide on the winner (you can use the decision factors mentioned above to help). Please do not bother voting multiple times — the system is designed to track duplicate votes via multiple techniques and will not count multiple votes from the same voter. Cheating will result in a banning of your account or access to the Shadowville website.

Voting currently closed.

Want to discuss the videos? Go to this thread in the forum.

The last vote will be counted at approximately 11:59:59 PM EST Wednesday September 30, 2009. The track with the highest number of votes totaled will be deemed the winner and awarded the appropriate prize(s). The second highest number of votes will receive the second place prize, and third highest number of votes will receive the third place prize, as described in the Contest Rules and Regulations.

Honorable Mentions
The following videos had been considered for finalist placement:

Genesis & Charlie Kane - Sippin On This Hennessy
Faded - Senorita
Jah Soldier - All Alone/Yesterday
Phenom - Pitch Black
Tha Hiz - All I Eva Need
Dubby - She Don’t Know
Beyond the Void - Like That
Blizz - Just Another Face
Kas - Lady Friend
Wilz - Kid In A Cage

Note: The above participant lists are in no particular order. Some videos also were very good but did not qualify for the contest because they had either failed to mention Shadowville in the video, missed the deadline, did not use English as the primary language, did not feature the vocalist(s) in the video, or used a non-qualifying beat.

Thanks to everyone who participated and wish you good luck on the Make-A-Hit IV Contest next year!