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Shadowville Rap Contest Winners

Congratulations to Pyro with his track Stand My Ground for winning the Shadowville $300 Rap Contest on the Spill Yo Drank beat produced by Slantize. Enjoy your three hundred smackers, Pyro, and great job!

Check out Pyro at

[audio:Clinton James - Dump Trucks (Produced by Shadowville).mp3]
Clinton James - Dump Trucks (147 votes)

[audio:Pyro - Stand My Ground (Produced by Shadowville).mp3]
Pyro - Stand My Ground (403 votes)

[audio:Blink - Spill Yo Drank (Produced by Shadowville).mp3]
Blink - Spill Yo Drank (286 votes)

Three semi-finalists (in no particular order):

1. Clinton James from Tampa, Florida (”Dump Trucks”)
2. Pyro from Reno, Nevada (”Stand My Ground”)
3. Blink from Lithonia, Georgia (”Spill Yo Drank”)

Decisions were based on content/topic, originality, delivery, mic presence/confidence, lyrics, structure, recording and mixing quality (former Shadowville member Enzo was also a guest judge!). In order to avoid biased voting, we will not explain or break down in detail the judging analysis of each semi-finalist track at this time.

We now ask you to carefully listen to the three semi-finalist tracks in an unbiased manner and help decide on the winner (to get his three hundred bucks!). Please do not bother voting multiple times — the system is designed to track duplicate votes via multiple techniques and will not count multiple votes from the same voter.

Want to discuss the tracks? Go to this thread in the forum.

The last vote will be counted at approximately 11:59:59 PM EST Friday August 31, 2007. The track with the highest number of votes totaled will be deemed the winner and awarded $300. Please see the original contest rules at

Honorable Mentions
Nate Maxwell - Bitch Made
On.Point - Shadowville
Yungtown - Let’s Go
Slang - Lean
MG The Menace - Run 4 Cover
Nique - Spill Yo Drank
Lil Mence - Spill Yo Drank
Massiah - The Call Back
Nifty - Holla’n Out

Thanks to everyone who participated and wish you good luck on the next Shadowville contest! (whenever that is)