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Diamond In The Dirt

Jul 23 2009 | BPM: 84 | Producer: 2Deep
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22 Feedback

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Classical, dark piano and violin sample flipped over a slow kick and rimshot beat.

Moods: Dark, Sad
Genres: Underground

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22 Feedback to “Diamond In The Dirt”

  1. Ай как знал, что отыщу нужную мне инфу у вас на сайте. Специально зарегился, чтобы поблагодарить

  2. someone beat me this could happen please ammm if I leave my msn aki would appreciate

  3. fuckin great

  4. awesome

  5. khong download dc Viet Nam

  6. its nice.

  7. net als de beat om een freestyle vraagt

  8. hard track to spit to but well done Xcalyba, come from england myself so i can appreciate your style. loving the lines: i just let ir ride out in the rhymes/ but Mr hyde does tempt me sometimes/ to lose my mind / and once again pick up the knife…n seperate the men from the mice

  9. actually, Xcalyba you nailed that beat. I dig the UK scene myself. that shit was fire.
    My favorite bars were
    / I wish him well but no such thing in life as a wishing well/ all i hear is funeral bells/ this worlds like a prison cell/ my minds detonated like a missile shell/ I wish i could got to hell and kill the devil himself/ for steppin on me everytime i fell/ tryin to make me fade away just like a candle melts/ blowin in my ears with random spells/

  10. This is Mobster bruh. gimmie awhile, ima flip this for ya’ll…

  11. Always liked 2deeps stuff!…So I had a bit of a play with this…I kno alot of ppl dont really feel the UK hiphop scene! But anyway! Still did a lil demo thing! check it here ! PEACE

    @Xcalyba, love the track, i’m from england too, big ups

  12. Perfect… just can I say this…

  13. i like this beat man good s***

  14. same here dawg. this is one of those beats where the chorus just comes out naturally

  15. this fits my steez perfectly. I could ride this one….5/5

  16. real pro work man :)
    ur the best:P

  17. I really like the piano melody you put on here my guy.


  18. my fave producer…
    you the best…

    i like this beat…
    alot of passion in it…
    keep it up…

  19. Real hc shit banger

  20. Niiiice

  21. Pretty dope beat I think it would be tricky to spit too! hope it fits someones style

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