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Block By Block

Jun 28 2006 | BPM: 78.00 | Producer: Slantize
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31 Feedback

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Another gangster rider song, slow moving pace with bells and strings. French horns and epic orchestral brass on the hook.

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31 Feedback to “Block By Block”

  1. Still BANGIN!

  2. Damn im surprised this sick ass beat is still not sol since 2006

  3. hhk l sduue vk

  4. Cool Beats

  5. best beat ever

  6. FUCK YOU!

  7. love this beat i got on and instantly murdered that its like this track wrote itself mad props 4 this 1

  8. Yeah, bro’.
    Something different.
    I know nothing about m.a.k.i.n.g music, but I sure do know how it sounds best.
    This has something weird. Dunno know what, but
    I love it !
    And it does not happend for me to love… things.
    I only despide.
    The RPM (bpm) if you could just make like 120 and something…
    Like Twista has and something weird from Missy Elliott…
    You would rock this site.
    Anyway… so far, I dl. 7 from you and 16 from Sinima, but you have 2 or 3 that rocks !

  9. I made a Bangin ass song to this track.. your beats are dope cuz

  10. nice nice..

  11. this is nice man….cool…


  13. nuts bro….nuts

  14. I’m feelin this beat homie.

  15. checked it out and it’s viben heavy…. from a mc to producer hot shiz-it

  16. muito bruto….very nice beat… i´m from purtugal

  17. man i just maked my first song im looking for some nice beats to make som hood thang on q;

  18. oh my days!!! sickness!!

  19. yo the horns off the hook

  20. im making a hot song ta this

  21. alright i like wut hear so far

  22. Sickkk Beat

  23. i love this song dont know why i didnt comment it b4…i love the horns and shit dog good job slant…still tight


  24. Don’t let nobody tell you anythin else except that there ain’t many producers like you that can bring fire like this. I’m just waiting to hear your beats playin on the radio…keep it up bro!

  25. Shit Is Bangin Mayne… Them French Horns give it a smooth feel to it … hip hop to its finest right here… Holla atchya boi CLIP

  26. it sounds like i heard this one on the radio? i onno

  27. You Already know what it is.I expect hot shyt like dis from slant Jea

  28. dope dope, some straight shit to spit some hood knowledge on

  29. WOW! These french hornz are so HOT.N-I-C-E

    @theef, over 6 years ago eh

    @kickproductionz, yeah… still love that beat ;)

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