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Lost One

Oct 11 2009 | BPM: 82.5 | Producer: 2Deep
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12 Feedback

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Dope percussion, ethnic instruments, chorals and heavy guitars on the hook.

Moods: Dark, Relaxed, Sad
Genres: Underground

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12 Feedback to “Lost One”

  1. Secretes of a Secretary-General Lee it’s ecstasy she accepts from me
    touch and feel the beauty of Euphoria
    especially picture the blur r urr her pur ur ur is so calm to

  2. So hott! I would so buy this beat!!! Lemme get me a job, and if this beat is still around, it will be the first one I buy from this site!!!! This beat is a head knocker.

  3. dude… almost a copy of “50 cent - Supposed To Die Tonight”

  4. Another dope ass beat. Lovin tha stuff your doin, especially lately, you create some truly great shit

    all songs and beats are from
    plz check out the website site.

  6. Dangerous beat, im copping the rights to usage,ya digg,holla, and chk my flo out at,,u will take heed

  7. I fuckin love this beat. I’m not sure there’s any more I can say about it than that.

  8. Ohhhhhh Shit This ones Fuckin Hot As hell!!!
    100/100 this Is Your Style Homie keep Up them Underground beats As Good As this!!!


  9. 10/10

  10. Pretty sick. The melody sounds it would be found in 1960s romance movie, if you ask me.

  11. love this beat! 5/5

  12. Glad to be one of the first to hear and review this beat. It’s real dope something that like Planet Asia would sound good rhyming on. Good shit 2Deep keep them coming.

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