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Suicide Letter

Oct 22 2009 | BPM: 91 | Producer: 2Deep
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55 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Old vinyl style, melancholy piano beat over a steady grimey drum pattern.

Moods: Dark, Sad
Genres: Underground

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55 Feedback to “Suicide Letter”

  1. You are not right. I can prove it. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.

  2. Likee Beat !!!!

  3. I am 14, what you think?

  4. check out how i used this beat, love some listeners

    can u plzzz mail this beat to me?
    m a great fan of @deep n would love to make a song with this beat

    mail this to””

  5. Beat is Dope man 2Deep your killig it on next levels man!..When i make money and i wanna start an Album ima probably buy all my beats from u lol! Peace

  6. this is awesome..

  7. Dope beat 2Deep, I love everything your doing and agree with you a hundred percent about your discussion with Bluhd, it is so damn cool that you keep making these beats, cause thats the only type I can spit on, and yea, maybe I don’t experiment with other things, but I will never be able to spit a happy track, and you can’t make a titel as “suicide letter” to be happy/sad dude, come on get a grip, sure you can change the name, but 2Deep had heart in this, and what he saw it to be meant for .
    Anyways, much respect and love 2Deep, your biggest fan .

  8. why is it unavailable? and if i comes available when?

  9. Хорош

  10. yo this shyte bangs

  11. i don’t think he means fake when he says plastic, i think he means too commercialized and mainstream. slant tends to go heavy on synth so there ya go.

  12. it’s very beautiful.. but i dont understand.. why so strong the old radio effect behind the music? it’s possible to get the music without this effect? pls i really want to hear this without. thanks anywere

  13. lol what does plasitc even mean fake why can’t u just say that?

  14. blah, blah, blah.. you talk to much..

  15. Right, lets shut your faggot as yanky trippy crack head up once and 4 all, coz your are an ignorant little bitch.

    Look on my first post, that i commented on this beat, and you’ll see no hate you moronic little peasant, i merely said the following;

    i like how your deep in ya beats, you just need to make ya beats multi-moody, and make it so it can be sad/happy in the same beat.

    and then you “tried” murkin me with the “ROTFL” on how you “Cant” have a multi-mooded beat, but as vanillax gave you a link that proved me right and your cunted ass wrong, so there was no need for you to even go further with ya little subliminal disses you wacked up hill billy. 2nd of all, my critisism is towards 2deep, you jumped on my dick first bitch, so back the fuck down, your opinions on my opinions are not welcome, this is 2deeps beat not urs u stupid wrong’n. Then u start tryna cuss me about how i dont come around shadowville that often, what cos ur post count is high that makes u a valid member, jump the fuck off billy boy hahaha, u crack driven spunk bubble. Then u try dissin me about the title of the song, and keep referrin to my multi-mooded statement, like you aint got nothing better to come back on..what a joka!! son, shut ya mouth for good before you say too much, i aint lookin like an idiot, my posts are logical, whereas your tryna keep up, and regain ground you’ve lost. i keep replying because my posts are genuin, your replying because you feel you have to like you got some sorta level of statue here, mate your a no body, keep ya music for ya camp fire. now, i dont appreciate u tryna swing this wrong so i look like a fool, anyone with half a brain would see that u are a billy mate, that u r infact slippin, so let it go. i aint gonna repeat ,myself to some skanked up jo everytime he re-posts the same shit.

    and rokie, wtf are u dribbling, look at my reply to your comment, didnt mention 2deeps name once, FUCK!!! Can people open their eyes and read shit before making stupid comments. lol, dont go down the same road as the other moron mate, and i explained my opinions to production in general. and pikk i aint bikkering over whos got more credit, i dont need credit, this fool seems to this he respected or some shit, that his comments are valid, that his has some level of presence here to be felt and liked, lol jump off home boy

    @bluhd relahyted, write a book will ya!

    @bluhd relahyted, write a book will ya!

  16. whot’ FUCK tolking???

  17. They have a forum on the right side of page next time >>>>> It went from 2Deep explaining that not every beat has to be a ‘BANGER’ to sell.. to cats fighting over who has the most credibility, music wise.

    Next time, stick to feedback. 5/5.

  18. i didnt said that you should respect 2deeps work, i said you should have more respect generally for sampling, cuz it seems that you dont like it much. read twice before you start to insult…

  19. So anyways, lets both shut the fuck up and drop this.. This is sopposed to be for reviews of 2Deep’s beat and we’re going back and forth over stupid shit.. I’m dropping this and moving on so i’m done bickering with you..

  20. Um, nah.. YOU ARE HATING.. Wanna know why your hating?? YOU WONT SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DROP IT.. Seriously man, stop catching feelings like a little girl.. U didn’t merk shit, you just tried to change what you said around.. Oh, and what a witty comeback calling me a hill billy.. You just sound like an ignorant punk.. Battle you?? Who the fuck would I be battling?? Some little girl who dosn’t post any music and complains on internet forums? Your not worth my time bredda(by the way you sound like a fucken moron talkin like that.. are you jamaican? more like jafaken).. faggot..

    Get off MY dick..

  21. no coz im right lol, n theres no hating here, u just want people to percieve that im hating, u got murked bredda man, str8 up. wanna make it twice ill see u in battle hahaha. fuckin hill billy

  22. Keep on talking.. You just making yourself look more foolish..

    Later hater..


  23. lol, hata? your contradicting yourself, and yet u think i like your music? haha ok mate, u keep thinking that if it makes u feel good. and ive been commenting on beats till now, and i have no idea why he made you moderator, you know nothing lol. cannot take my constructive critisism, so how can u deserve to be called an artist. i dont need to hate, i simply dont like you, is that so hard to comprehend? if u made a good song i would prop u, doesnt mean i like u though hop of my dick and allow me to have my opinons, if they hurt you, dont look and certainly dont reply.

    respect is hard to come by, and it certainly dont get applied to people like you who seem to want it just because u think u can rap and are a moderator of shadowville lol. i bet you got some lyrics somewhere on ur accomplishments into hill billy rap and gaining a moderator position..oh dear..

  24. ROFL.. Ok Mate.. In all due respect I could honestly careless if you think i’m wack.. Oh, and I don’t give a fuck how long you’ve been listening to Shadowville.. I’ve been here just as long brudda.. And would you look at that, Slantize made me the first moderator of his forums.. hmmmm.. lol, honestly though.. i never seen u around till now.. Or maybe i did and i just never cared cuz u have nothing meaningful to say.. And really sonny, your talking ALL this mad shit but where is your music? I love haters like you, cuz in reality you know you love my music your just to ignorent to admit it.. You didn’t murk shit kiddo but anyways i’m through with you so, keep running your mouth and i’ll keep doing what i do..

    Good day to you maddam! :)

  25. and roki, if it was down to simply respecting someones work, then everyone would have the same level of respect, and this site certainly wouldnt make any money. dont make silly statements, no ones gonna buy beats just to respect the work the producer has put in, their gonna buy it because they like it. does shadowville have any members that can talk on a more intellectual level?

  26. your right i dont know u and dont need to know who you are. ive been on shadowville since it opened in 2004 so like i said before, dont spit shit you know nothing about bredda. and i bang out atleast 3-4 songs a week so dont big urself up too much bruv. your music is wack, the only thing propping you is your beats, and who is providing your beats…oh…loook…its shadowville lol.

    and ur contradicting urself, i said a beat can be happy/sad, now i proved u wrong on that and u shut up lol, dont make me clown u again mate, seriously, look, i said a beat can be happy/sad, u said it couldnt, then u “tried” murkin me about how the beat was called suicide letter and that i was trying to say the beat was happy/sad when infact i was saying 2deep should produce beats that can be used as both, and now ur tryna murk me again.

    bruv, keep track of what ya saying first b4 u make silly contradictions. now quit whilst u still got some rope to hang yaself with.. inabit

  27. look, slant does have powerful beats, lot of them, but some of them sound plastic, and if you think different, theres nothing to argue about… ive been working for 4 years in this industry, ive heard alot of producers, been in beatmaking for some time too, and i dont disrespect your opinions, but the thing is, this beat is dope, and it sure doesnt deserve yours 3/5… no matter of your opinions and tastes, you gotta have more respect for good sampling, and this is what it is…

  28. “you obviously know nothing about song writing my friend, coming on here like the other faggot tryna act big haha”

    Umm, yeah.. You obviously don’t come around shadowville that often kiddo.. Look kid, i’m not tryin to beef with you.. I don’t know you and you obviously don’t know me.. I’m not a producer, I am an emcee and I bet I have more music written in a month then u have in a year..

    “and if you knew anything about song writing, thats just a given name that 2deep gave the beat”

    That was just a stupid statement kid.. OF COURSE I KNOW U CAN CHANGE THE TITLE OF THE BEAT TO WHATEVER YOUR WRITTING YOUR TRACK ABOUT!!.. Now what i was saying is its the TITLE of the beat itself.. But anyways, i’m through bickering with you.. Have a nice evening lady.. Oh, and if u think I can’t spit:

  29. and i just realised you have a soundclick. i take it you dont release all your ish to shadowville then?

    ima have to sift through your beats on soundclick, and see if i like,


  30. Deff bro, you know it! Im still sittin on like… 50 new unreleased bangers right now…. ;)

  31. i agree with that, music is a very powerful instrument, so use it to your full potential. Keep doing what you do, but please, let me hear a BIG BEAT from you soon, even if its a one off, i know theres some real sick beat waiting to pop out from all angles. safe

  32. Thanks bro!… no doubt, it all just depends what your mind responds to most…
    To me music isnt about experimenting… its about expressing yourself in a way you normally cant… at least as far as production goes ;)

  33. slantize beats dont sound plastic, what a stupid statement. he is CEO of shadowville, and by far the best producer. respect to 2deep because he does his own thing, and if thats good enough for him then its good enough for him, but music is all about experimenting, making a beat that will appeal to all listeners. People obviously cant take my critisism, maybe its just me, maybe i settle for slantize’s expertise and wont go for anything less, i know slantize sets the standards here, and even smoke and sinima have got some BIG beats, but however, im yet to see a hard hitting powerful beat from hala x and 2deep. you gotta step up, these beats might suite your level of production, but at the end of the day your here to sell beats, and if i was to buy a beat it would be from slantize because his beats are powerful, and i can tell his beats would be worth every penny, all day long. At the end of the day it doesnt matter how u make a beat, what matters i s the end product and thats what will get you either good comments or bad comments. i like to give a bit off both, but people seem to respond more to my negative comments, therefore me being more negative. And thanks vanillax for the links, some people talk shit without even knowing the facts. safe

  34. sampling is much harder than playing your own melodies… and samples combined with drum and bass lines sound much realistic and better, if you know how to sample… for me, lot of slants beats sound plastic… (no offense slant)… and if you think deep is a weak producer because he never plays his own melodies, i wonder what do you think about dj premo… i sure wouldnt call him weak producer…

  35. If you havent noticed bro, underground is my niche… i get my shit to sound different than most other sample based producers… and ill let you in on a secret, 85% of the time sampling is harder, and takes more time than playing own melodies, and i know this because ive came across many producers that play themselves, but hate it that they cant seem to find good samples and get it to sound gritty…
    Its all about the sound you like….
    Not sure if you felt offended by my comment, but either way… like i said, everybody has thier own point of view on things. Like i said, i used to spit, and i would never have been able to get on a happy beat… sure, it makes me less versatile, but also better at the one thing i do most ;) Thanks!


    3 of those beats on the first page Slantize put the mood as happy/sad. 2 of them sold.

  37. course you can have a beat that can be felt as happy or sad. Check slantize for examples, most of his beats can be sad, but can also be used as motivational inspirational happy songs. and it depends on what your writing about, part maybe deeper than the other parts of the songs where you want to uplift the mood. you obviously know nothing about song writing my friend, coming on here like the other faggot tryna act big haha. and i said he should make more beats that are happy/sad not this beat u retard. jump of 2deeps dick before you go 2deep. ill stick with slatizes beats in future because he is a “proper” producer in the sense he knows the ropes fully, knows what a dope beat sounds like, and knows how to make a beat instead of sequencing samples haha. and if you knew anything about song writing, thats just a given name that 2deep gave the beat, you can change that name to what ever the fuck you want, like, “I fucked yo mom” and itd have a completely different feel to it, the artist makes the beat work, not the other way round. try dissin someone that doesnt know something bout music cunt stain..

  38. haha, yea bro, the comment had me a bit confused too…. but either way, everybodys own opinion…
    Thanks though!

  39. Oh, and WTF.. The beat is titled, “Suicide Letter” and this guy is talking about it should be happy.. ROTFLMMFAO!!

    Yes, we all love those happy suicides cuz thier so fucken happy..

  40. “make it so it can be sad/happy in the same beat.”

    ROFL!? How can u make a sad beat happy?? Thats a fucken contradiction.. and why would u want it to be happy and sad in the same beat? that would just be wierd yo.. i’m sorry yo, i’m just really confused by that statement.. lol

    Anyways, this beat is beautiful 2Deep.. Your drums are allways so nice.. Even somebody with down syndrome who stutters could come off with an ILL flow on this.. The kick/snare is just so nicely placed and the tempo is perfect to get down on some too deep shit! haha!


  41. beat was ok mate, however their wasn’t much variation in the piano, and i am a great fan of the piano. beat is very dark, would have sounded a bit better if their was some sorta inspiration in this beat. however credit where credits due. 3/5 on this one this time. much better than your last beat.

    i like how your deep in ya beats, you just need to make ya beats multi-moody, and make it so it can be sad/happy in the same beat.

  42. I think this beat is ill fuckin nasty

  43. props on this beat, it bangs! heard it made a song to it today, n Im on a 4 day come down on the flu, thats how much I like this ish

  44. I’m feeling it…this beat is flowy as fuck. the diggz.5/5*

  45. damn 2 dope beats in less than a week

  46. badass 10/10

  47. haha, thanks, i usually dont really use the old vinyl crack anymore, but this one was in the sample….

  48. omfg… 2deep, youre genius… the only thing thats annoying me is this old radio effect… or is it the sample…?

  49. Dope.

  50. wow, fuckin great beat…lovin it. got such a great feel to it

  51. yessir, this be a dope creation indeed.

  52. Ah, I was wondering when this would end up on here.

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