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Death Threat

Oct 25 2009 | BPM: 85 | Producer: Smoke
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21 Feedback

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Dark piano, strings with a driving synth bassline over steady, hard banging drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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21 Feedback to “Death Threat”

  1. OOAAWW MAN!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! Great Job , keep up :)

  2. i Love This Beat Man. Can I still send me only me ?

  3. Check It And Share
    Much Appreciated

  4. Can you please upload this beat again? I will buy it immedeately!!!

  5. yo my niggah smoke yo this beat is nasty as hell bro keep it up you have the hardest beats from shadowville keep it up and im gonna start buying beats from you how much you charge bro

  6. can i buy this beat”

  7. i realy lyk 2 have this 1 to b my beat.

  8. wow’what a nice beat”

  9. i want to buy it!

  10. nice

  11. good beat

  12. This shit is very nice and hard. I like them.

  13. This beat is very good!!!

  14. Smoke ->>>

    Drums, Snare everything cool, please next time (it aint bad !!) make a beat with a sick flute
    I love the way this beats turns out damn !!

  15. O my god!!

    this beat is EXCELLENT!!!!!
    no words
    10/10 !!

  16. yesssssssssssssssssssssir, been waiting for a Smoke beat for a while now lol, i need to repair my laptop been hard to stay in contact with everyone

  17. really dope 10/10

  18. yep, drum line does sounds like till i collapse one… dope work smoke, damn good 5/5….

  19. I’ve always felt that you’ve had the best sound out of all the Shadowville producers (commercial wise). You always make really full sounding beats, but they always seem to be lacking that extra zing that would push it over the top. I know it’s not your style, but I think if you did a Pop/R&B beat it’d force you to get that zing. Sorry for being so vague.

  20. loving the dark piano man, sick. Reminds me of an eminem beat, real grimey, epic atmosphere. chorus is straight up gangsta, some real riding rhythm would murk this. loving the synths, they the key to this beat being complete. Still think as the world burns is ya best beat, that tune is masterclass. props on this though, 4/5

  21. Pretty fuckin’ dope imo.

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