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Flawed By Design

Oct 30 2009 | BPM: 90 | Producer: Slantize
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33 Feedback

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Slow and simple, dark and emotional piano melody blended with string and lute over gangsta sounding drums.

Moods: Dark, Sad

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33 Feedback to “Flawed By Design”

  1. Secretes I require a sweet speech to bring the streets towards my admirers doors.
    I Love women of Action they are my drug of satisfaction plus signs meet matching
    Add me to your days of fashion so many ways I could cash ends out of these rations
    I am all about how to Choose a lively one excitedly from the brightest days yet to come
    Her wings bring the fire of the sun set in stone Love runs our home Rome we haveknown
    A welcome to remind you of they light it’s shines as shown brightest star forever flown the goddess of fire never disowned the orah of a knight willing to sacrifice a slice
    Raise the price to climb up the highest lighter ladder in sight I can find a way to reach right to the sights of righteousness politely with a kiss
    I have grown to a New moon almost too soon due brew a blue lagoon
    Row threw a slough of doom I owe a silver spoon feathers bloom good weather soon flowers will warmen up a vibe from a lady of fire I admire spring birds flying from higher
    I get a buzz when I speak before a frozen floor open up tour before we go wild on 4′z
    Lady of fire I set my sights of desires to inspire her natural course summers torch
    Fire of course lit inside the heart where her whispers of hidden sins wish us to win 4 her
    I’m in for a score Hush the rush was easy for me to touch I feel as much as such a clutch
    Clues with a brush I acquire a tower of higher powers to light out flowers
    With my Lovers Desires i listen to inspire the news write her some certain clues
    silence flirting in a wild sense
    I can get violent from a distance I can keep up to you, baby make the feet groove
    I love your sweet move tell me needs to meet ones n two’s easy for me to do the odds
    Off my rocker for you I got what it takes too prove God I am a good talker
    Patience I understood good food feeds fuel to the furnace you deserve this surface
    true from me to you in observance of my disturbance you flew Higher than my desires were ever set to need a way to improve till I have met requirements in a tired sense
    My eyes are wired to her suspense light the Fire up high my Angel gets playful in an intensely personal experience with Her sides of seriousness it glides minds to mind
    Vibes bright as Light shines at the right sight to find blind side the tides low I know pay high tithes describe a bribe when more of them have died trying to try to ride my vibe
    Than have ever been eyed upon as even a pawn on my team I am drawn to a queen
    Inbetween realms unseen I am fiend of fire and a friend of steam light Beams night dreams silence brings the right things when it’s means most to toast a king
    Oath the Ding to smoke a zing bang the gong along river streams sweeter scenes with Longer dreams it seems I belong being wronged from right write as I sit tight get bright with politeness of kindly being courteous with her flirty assertiveness miss curveous steering this ship to deserted Less Ness Fire a blaze to set sail smoke to pervertedness
    I am sure that you have heard of this list of words twist and turn wrist firm i confirm your signature a storm of swarming wings warming things up high fire that your hearing of a disappearing mirroring reflections nearing hearing weariness prize of sights I kept fly high as I try to obey
    my highs are cheaper than any of her designer attire I’m help to Keep up her feet
    flying creep up her sheet

    heights arouse the sights I found stars bring nice things from afar to right you are flying in a car
    circles of miracles listen to whispers of a oracle born to storm below your ever warned to know Fire Sings Nice with a slice of wings I offer the Devils Daughter these things
    they say True Love Stings enough to open up through the dings on her wings sing as she clings Kings of angels worn crowns of thorns around a demon that jings a Bell to hell I Fell for You
    you can Tell I am Truly due to Bless you thoroughly threw I’m sure you knew well Assure of who God Grants grand plans that Land in hand please plant your steps to man in advance of dance bring me a spell to dwell in hell If I Fell For you your welcome to come with the Fire of the sun singe these friends for they binge I will not cringe when winds change migratory rain came
    a heavenly pain stained the window of opportunity I gained aim at the Light My Goddess of fire
    Fly bright right above the Light they love you sit tight high as might I sight the flight of a dove
    smoke trails as Love set sail i got my arms wide open Glide through the skies of the ocean
    float on the clouds of sound I am wow nde around that beauty of her eyes Love the sights
    hun you make me hum when we come together let’s share happiness with your magic ness
    I am happy with this wish You Won me From chants of spirits as I hear it so fearless
    I Hide in my mind trying to find the Signs of Times, …
    Eyes align this Life of Mine as I write Line x Line
    Light it will shine from these designs of my Rhymes, …
    Time it has given in to sin, giving me a forbidden way of Living, once again

  2. Secretes I require some certain silence flirting in a wild sense I can get violent from a distance I can keep up to you, baby make the feet move ones n two’s easy for me what it takes too prove
    true from me to you Higher than my desires ever set my my highs are cheaper her designer attire I’m help to Keep up her feet flying creep up her sheet

  3. Claws that climb I saw what I find Laws in mind

  4. Win over My Interest

  5. Phat beat Slantize, check out my rap using this beat!

    Please submit feedback!

  6. Nice beat

  7. Check out this inspirational song i did with shadowville beat.

  8. check out what i did with shadowville beat.


  10. this is what i do with your beat

  11. yea i like

  12. made a song to this beat called “your hidden fears” check it out

  13. Common dog ur shit is original slantize. lots of these other cats cutiing and pasting samples. an 8 year old an do that ( acid pro). its all bout originallity. u know that. FL9 baby. but production needs to b original. like like what u do dog. u know dat. keep up the good work dog. none of that 90s wutang shit. its a business. u know that. remember dog its a business. coming from LA. worked with all them cats trust me.. stay up ur tight

  14. oooo kurwa ! ;D

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  16. iyi diiyek daha iyileri gelsin la

  17. no matter the beat . any good emcee can make the beat sound ill as fuck . so begin writing , n less drama on the comments sections . thats why we got forums . anywas , nice beat slant . 4.6/5

  18. These are the kind of beats i’ve been missing from you Slant.. This is beautifully composed.. I love the slow east coast drums matched up with the beautiful piano melody and the strings add to it very nicely.. I think the hook sounds extra dope.. This beat is perfect just the way it is.. 5/5


  20. For an underground beat this is ok, but for Slantize’s skill this beat is nothing special. Slant prob made this in 20 minutes.

    @illest wun, i actually did make this beat in about 30 minutes now that i recall

  21. damn… 5/5

  22. yo sick ass beat i like it 5/5

  23. Its good but it seems like the chorus could use a little more um…. emphasis or somethin.

    @Stunna You better than Alex??? hahaha lyrically he’d rip your intestines out through your ass then shove them down you throat.

  24. @Stunna shut up bitch and just listen to the beat. if you don’t like it move on simple as that. This is to review the beat not to request a beat bitch. I thought the beat was cool someone could make it work.

  25. @ ALEX

    the funny thing is im better than you’ll ever be. I dont want anything mainstream i just want something that is uplifting, not this sad shit thats been getting posted constantly for the last month. PZ LATE

  26. Silent hell notes. Good work tho

  27. @ Stunnatique

    Gtfoh with your mainstream-aping pathetic little ass…Really, you actually managed to piss me off with that comment…

  28. Slantize ->
    This is it.

    thats what I like. but i think its a little too slow, and sounds a little like some other beats on the site…


  30. This is pretty fuckin’ sick, but I gotta say, it feels like it needs one more extra “zing” to really set it off.


  31. About Time You Produce another Dark Beat Its beautiful!!!


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