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Rapid Fire

Oct 31 2009 | BPM: 140 | Producer: 2Deep
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29 Feedback

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High pitched piano, choirs, and electric guitars over heavy hitting double tempo drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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29 Feedback to “Rapid Fire”



  2. i very need dis beat thxxxxxxxx man

  3. it’s a nice beat, i love this. if I remember correctly this beat is used of currice and genioh in “amor por esto”
    very good!

  4. ohh nicee piano is good

  5. if any1 has this beat can u please email it to me please it is too sickkk!!!

    i would really appreciate it thanks alot

  6. awesome beat here!

  7. Lukkin 4 maybe sum 1 dat downloaded this one before it was bought.
    Just a favor is u can.

  8. ela beatdir,davam edin.super.ancaq men bunlari down ede bilmire.bunu nece down ede bilerem?cavabi zehmet olmasa unvanina gonderin,gozluyecem,thanks.

  9. Guitars And Pianio Are Insaine…Drums Are Dope To Great Beat

  10. this shit is it …….keep it up

  11. Sicc as all hell

  12. yo transformers lol !!!!

    piano is good

  13. muzzamiljim9 :)

  14. amına koydm bu beatin fuck

  15. this is amazing.. but when i try to download it, it says a part of the file cannot be read.. i tried 5 times.. resetted my browser, even resetted my computer.. but still it says the same thing.. maybe the uploaded file got corrupted somehow? can you please re-upload?

  16. this is seriously murderous. 10/10

  17. yo imma record somethin to this then show you, let me know what you think :) i wont let you down.

  18. 5/5

    Go 2Deep..

  19. got a hook for this beat, and a lot of other ones message me at

  20. I really wanna know if those piano/guitars were self composed or if it was a sample. or if its sampled, WHAT SAMPLE LOL.


  21. wowww fantastick beat!!!

  22. D.O.P.E. ! Unbelievable talent

  23. This shit is fuckin ridiculous. Hella fuckin sick, keep it up 2deep

  24. This beat is dope as fuck

  25. pretty dope….love the piano shit is fuckin hype be a great murder track

  26. woo00ooow this shit is just insane. Dope. good shit 2Deep

  27. Ewwwww, groooooosssssss.


  28. Perfect beat for Jay-Z to respond to Beanie Sigel. Nice Beat 2deep.

  29. Yo. This shit’s mad raw 2Deep. Feelin it. Might have to use it haha.

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