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The Countess

Nov 05 2009 | BPM: 84 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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32 Feedback

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Rugged light brass and female vocal beat with a hint of renaissance over uptempo, bouncy drums.

Moods: Dark, Frantic

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32 Feedback to “The Countess”


  2. this beat is sick can anyone send this to me at

  3. this needs higher ratings

  4. Got the answer from FAQ, should have checked before. Beat purchased, song coming out soon. Thanks!

  5. Hey Todd,
    If I buy a blanket license and track separation of this beat it will come without the girl’s voice saying your name at the intro?

  6. see above post by Rafaj for more info. thanks

  7. no why the fuck would i sample a hip hop song? i sampled it from the original song that was also sampled for royce

  8. u sampled that from some royce da 5′9′ RIGHT?

  9. Young Buck’s ‘Letter To The Labels’ uses the same sample…
    Hot beat though…

  10. Sampled from Eddie Kendricks - Just Memories…

  11. dude this is beast, i actually made some lyrics to it, same theme and name and stuff- -there’s a youtube link to it
    btw the hook sucks cuz i rushed it, i dont think this breaks shadowville rules, and if it duz i’ll take it down.

  12. Bro. I found a 2008 song of royce da 5 9 and yo gotti which uses almost this EXACT beat. all im sayin is be original man. i love the beat..but it wasnt fresh out of your mind ya dig? heres a link if u want to see thanks!

  13. greate beat man :D what song you sampled ?

  14. lol @ “no need to protect your beat with that if before downloading people have to agree with the shadowville terms”

  15. awesome beat, i cant stop listening to it!!
    I just think u should take the “todd!” and girl laughing from the intro as none of the other producers here do this kind of stuff… no need to protect your beat with that if before downloading people have to agree with the shadowville terms… hope u consider removing it… And keep bringing more amazing beats like this! Peace!

  16. I second that, Zinn. This goes mad hard.

  17. Why is this beat rated so low when it’s obviously so fuckin awesome?

  18. This shit is ridiculous, bout time i see a new face on the most recent shit!



  20. nice beat homie. keep up the good work

  21. Nice beat Todd! Lovin’ the melody and the drums are so nice! 5/5

  22. holy shit this is fuckin amazinnn

  23. Dude you are fucking killin’ me right now… welcome the fuck back, holy shit.

  24. this shit is amazing. best track yet since ya got on. like i said before i love that you come out wit so many tracks, n this one is fuckin ill…5/5

  25. I wrote some lyrics before i came on today and when i did i flowed the whole song to this beat and it fit perfectly and flowed perfectly, awesome harmony my man. Good Looks.

  26. Without any offence, and with all due respect, These songs… I just don’t know, it’ possibly only me… But i just don’t really like them… These 3 songs you’ve used to actually come back… No offence at all, but i really do think you could’ve done better job at it. But then again it just could be me not liking “That” kind of music. For me the best producer around here is 100% Sinima

  27. wat the hell mann. wer do u cum up wit dis shit. ima quite producing ryt now after i heard dis shit. wowa weewa!!!!u got mad skills man

  28. Hella feelin it

  29. i cant decide if i like it or not yet… for some reason i thought that smurfette was doing that baaa baa baa baa bit in the background

  30. shit is hard 5/5

  31. my god. this beat is amazing!

  32. hott

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