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Rock The Crowd

Nov 09 2009 | BPM: 75 | Producer: Adamack
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26 Feedback

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Banging beat with heavy overdrive guitars, loud and steady drums, mixed with high energy.

Moods: Angry, Frantic

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26 Feedback to “Rock The Crowd”

  1. hot

  2. SŁaby

  3. finally blessed this track.
    “When It Comes 2 This Music”

  4. My boi Trick ripped this track. Goes very deep into political problems. Good job with the video too, make sure to check it out.

  5. dude pleaaasseee offer the exclusive rights to this song!

  6. Check my song out that i did with this beat


  8. man…real talk …no disrespect..but i havent heard ONE song recorded to this track , thats done it justice. this calls for some EPIC, HEARTFELT SHIT. And thats exactly what i got. i cant afford to buy it out right. But I promise a materpiece when Im done. when i post the title, it’s the mean time check out what I’ve

  9. охуенный биток … 100 из 100

  10. I have to say that Adamack is probably become the most creative of the Shadowville crew. I hardly ever comment, but this is probably the sickest beat I have heard on this site. It baffles me that no one has snatched this one up and paid the man more than what he is charging for it. This one is bananas, my man!

    ~ CB “Agrazing” Mace

  11. check out what i’ve done with this beat

  12. you definitely have the best beats on here. UNKNOWNHYPE.COM

  13. sick beat! makes me wanna go into rock like lil wayne

  14. dope bro!!!! keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!! one luv from portugal []!!!111

  15. lol same here, the guitarr doenst match, but im sure Game Would Rip The Hell outta this beat man.. Gee yeah 4/5

  16. same!!!!

  17. this beat’s alright, not really liking the guitar, 3/5


  19. oh yea this mothafucka is takin ova. K.I.N.G

  20. 5/5 hands down.

  21. wat time does tha hook start

  22. Adamack Is Sick I Love These Guitars Hope To Here More Ish From Him All 4 Of His Beats On Here Is Dope


  24. l,,l,______( - . - )______,l,,l

  25. It sounds pretty good to me. Adamack ur a sick guy 5/5

  26. I Like It! I like the guitar in the hook, but I don’t like it as much in the verses. The addition of the Organ is nice, and I really like the buildup into the hook. I could actually see Cham on this beat. Good Job Newbie haha

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