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I'm Leaving

Nov 14 2009 | BPM: 71 | Producer: Adamack
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89 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Emotional beat with memorable piano melody and a blend of synths.

Genres: Pop, R&B

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89 Feedback to “I'm Leaving”

  1. can you send me of this beat, please help me , please send to

  2. can you send me of this beat, please help me adamack :( , please send to’d

  3. PLSS ..

  4. plz Adamack!! dowlands
    I’m Leaving!!!! help Adamack !!!!

  5. Adamack Very Good) dowland? help?

  6. with this beat!

  7. Ayo, did you take it down or did some buy the rights?

  8. I would be very grateful if you send me the beat to my e-mail adress Thank you !!!

  9. i like itttt!!!! awesomee

  10. thats fantastic??? awesome???? your tha man

  11. AMAZING MAN…. good job

  12. You’re king of beat.

  13. Dude ! Im 2500 miles from my home and this beat says so much ! I want the rights ! LoL !

  14. i’d love to use this beat, it’s amazinggg ^_^ could u send it to me? plzz

  15. I’m Leaving


  17. number one beat !!
    here the best beat !! thanks adamack

  18. пшоышя

  19. Stop telling me to send u da insrtumental… I sed send me a mail @ and I will tell u how to get dis available beat..

  20. pls open it .. i love this song :) !

  21. this beat is so awsome ii want iit can you send me this beat pleas

    this song reminds me of the girl I love :)

  22. can you send me this beat please?? :)

  23. ai co link k send cho minh voi

  24. yo oblzlekld can you send me i’m leaving to me??

  25. cann you send me this beat please? :) :):)

  26. bad beat can sum one please send it to me at

  27. Hey this song is very cool

  28. You guy I now know how to download any shadowville instrumental either available or unavailable……holla at me

  29. can someone send me this beat please?

  30. i love this beat ^_^ i would loveeeeeeeeeeeeee to seriously =] have it hehehe


    av a listen to wat ive done to this track, feel free to leave a comment


    @k3at5, i like your song, if you don’t mind, can you send me the instrumental? i like it a lot.

    @k3at5, beautiful :)

    @tomsissons, can you send me of this beat, please , please send to

    @tomsissons, can you send me of this beat, please , please send to’d

    @tomsissons, thank you

    @tomsissons, please send me this beat please love it…

  32. so kul

  33. Somebody send me this beat please!?

  34. does anyone know if this beat will be avaliable again or if someone can send it to me ?

  35. this track is one of your best, i have sung some lyrics to it if you wana have a listen il send it to ya contact me on shadowville its k3at5 sweet!

  36. i have this beat i’m leaving i have a song already it is my best it is amazing…ADMACK YOU ARE BEST 4 EVER KING OF BEATS………JUST DO IT

    @dins, plz bro can u send me the mp3 of this beat i love it soo much :$ (A)
    plz send it to

    @milooot, can you send me of this beat, please , please send to

    @milooot, can you send me of this beat, please :( , please send to’d

    @dins, Can you maybe send it to me? Peace…

  37. no its because someone baught an exclusive

  38. too bad it’s UNAVAILABLE *tear*
    i love this best…

  39. Hi i just wondered is it because someone bought a licence for it why i cant download the beat? if so has any one got the mp3 version they could send me? if thats aloud

  40. 好好听!!大爱~

  41. SICK…. 5 MICS!!!

  42. Ohhh no, it seems like someone already baught it.. I was ready to buy it now(
    Cuz i talked to the best radio station in Russia and they are ready to rotate my track… but i can’t, beacuse I need blanked license for it =((( crycrycry((

  43. Those high synths make it sound gay, not emotional


    @wtfcrack, happiness is an emotion:)

  44. Can you please make this infectious beat available for download?

  45. why can’t i download this beat. . .? and if someone knows how to download it tell me plz or give me link for download. . .

  46. why can’t i download this beat ??????

  47. I think its great, one of my favorite beats.

  48. Wow, this beat has helped me compose an emotionally internal song. An effect so powerful, i know people, including myself who use it for Christian muzik. I hope you remain inspired.
    God bless you

  49. nice shit! hit me up

  50. timbre my bad

  51. Hey Brah you did this clean it has a nice tembre , keep rip’in it.


  52. 5/5 for me… excellent ;)

  53. Mmm perfect beat ;)

  54. Adamack=AMAZING…yeah,can be a HIT SONG

  55. ohmygossh! goood job on makin this. im in lovee with it<3 best beat on heree. I$UPPORT ! lol.

  56. çok güzel abi yhaa
    yha abi güzel çok

  57. Man!! this beat izz THE SHIT!!

  58. Im an up and coming artist and i used this beat for open mic. everyone loved it. They want to hear more from adamack!…great work.

  59. This beats so dope!

  60. really good balance , loving the piano , super

  61. this cold but u should rty to have justin temberlake sing on dis

  62. agha damet garm … terkondi site ro ha ;-)

  63. keep it up……….5/5 justine tim styleeee

  64. wonderful beat man!

  65. This beat is awsome dude

  66. buda beat mi:D:D hahahahha

  67. why it this the 1º beat? ¬¬

  68. This is so smooth.. I can hear somebody like Justin Timberlake straight killing this beat..

  69. siiiickkkk

  70. niceeee i love iht keep going 10/10 shxt is crazyy hit mii baqk uHpp im thinking off buying iht

  71. Adamack wut up bro this is The Dean! thats krayzie awesome seein u on here dude, yer beats r gunna turn headz 4 real!

  72. OMFG !!!!!!
    i used to be a 100% fan of slantize and only use his beats but… man u got tallent get me….. FIRE !

  73. you arent leaving, are you??? :(

  74. man i love this. HOT TRACK!!! 5/5

  75. It seems like this beat could def be a hit song right now 5/5

  76. well.
    best beat on Shadowville right now !

  77. Very Good Adamack !! 5/5

    download plss

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