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All For You

Nov 15 2009 | BPM: 73 | Producer: Sean Divine
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54 Feedback

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Epic, motivational melodic track with orchestral strings and light synth arrangements.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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54 Feedback to “All For You”

  1. как оплатить фрипик из россии

  2. hot track bro keep it up you got skills…… fosho

  3. Great beat!

  4. To all of you complaining about the tags… You realize that once you buy the beat the tags are no longer there right??? Quit hatin and give the man his credit.

  5. yoh was just looking for free dope beats to improve ma talent and i just found one.. keep it up PRO.. in two up coming months, ima buy sum of your dope beats. salute

    welcome to web beat irani
    من یه اهنگساز 18 ساله سبک رپ همستم
    اگه میخاید اهنگامو بشنوسید لطفا به وبلاگم یه سر بزنید

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  9. good jod

  10. this beat mangled it

  11. Love it..I m gonna buy..Your so talented!!!

  12. love this beat !

  13. what up mang? look at what the man Mista Prixx and my boy Rome put down to this beat. Im a little rusty but knockin off da cob webs for more and better hits comin from Mista Prixx and company. Stay tuned to see whats comin…I dont wanna blow up, I just wanna throw a flow up


    “music is what i do”

    let me know how your experience goes


    check out this beat used in my song “Reconstruction” feat. Xl

  17. sex

  18. Hey kid, my producer bailed so I was searching google for “free beats.” To practice on. This is THE BEST site I found, hands down. You’re THE BEST producer on this site, hands down. Hopefully I come up with something solid and I’ll purchase a few from you. Thanks a lot, love all your work. Don’t stop.

  19. and dummies the tags are there because its a beat your supposed to pay to use when you actually pay theyre not there

  20. at the rate I hit it it balences out to 3 verses 12 bars 12 bars and then 8 bars beats awesome homie I’m looking forward to hitting up a lease for it soon

  21. this beat is hot. I had wrote a song like 10 years ago and the song fits perfectly on this beat —extrme heat

  22. Shit niggaz this beat is BLAZIN HOT !!!!!!! i tried it out a few dayz ago wit ma crew freestylin n saw we could change our style up a beat to some 2pac raw talent style lyrics n now were workin on tha real thing just rippin up tha note book. SHOUT OUT TO SEAN DIVINE FOR A KILLA BEAT

  23. Also, with the tags on here, the people who get the beat legitmately have a little more exclusiveness, they aint gotta worry about 6756785678 fools rapping on the same beat. Keep the tags, if these people don’t like them, they should get a job. Hot beat.

  24. We need top 40 beats. That is what is out there and on the charts people. By the way, those complaining about the tags, only makes me wonder why. maybe so people can’t steal their beats. SD is doing the right thing. I think it is obvious that the people who are complaining, can’t steal the beats anymore. Sorry guys, but to all the low lives, you know who you are.

  25. beat is hot. no if and or but. the taggin aint evn random. its rite b4 da hook.

  26. great thing…

  27. i will download dis beat….thankz man

  28. real sick beat yo, but im having trouble figureing it out, is there three verses in it or is there just two, cuz it sounds like theres alot of hooks in it. im just having trouble setting it up. just hit me back when you get the chance and explain it to me please.

  29. OUUUUWWWWW very nice! very epic nice ! goood job!

  30. Dang this beat is crazy it sux that that sean divine thang has to reck it. There is no way to flow with that in the middle of a verse. This would be a good buy but that Sean Divine part ruins the whole song.

  31. no more tags

  32. Coll Beat…well done :)

  33. its hot..but im with everybody else on that tag…its gotta go.

  34. Nice to see you join Shadowville, but you’re name has already been put to shame. You’re beats are not beautiful like Slantize and Adamack. With that being said, take off your little “Sean Devine” shit you have throughout your songs because this is not one of those lame beat websites that you probably came from. You’re the only one with that shit and that’s probably why no one likes you.. No offense. Take that shit off and maybe you’ll earn some credit for some good works that you MIGHT make one day.

  35. too many pop/”top 40″ beats on shadowville now. I miss when the homepage would be bangers top to bottom, now they dime a dozen.

    not my style but the beat is nice

    where is smoke and slant?

    @KyleBissonnette, you do realize saying top to bottom and a dime a dozen are pretty much implying the same thing right? either way your saying that there is a bunch.

  36. to the above comments.. if rapper spits on a track that they downloaded, then part of the agreement is to credit shadowville productions and the producer of the beat, whether you do that that vocally or written down - in a video description for example..

    therefore, if you legally abide by the free-download agrement, you should have read that crediting is necessary.. thus putting tags in is not necessary.. and it really takes away from a really awesome beat such as this one

    i still voted 5/5
    divine is still an amateur producer to shadowville, and i’m really looking forward to hearing his later tracks

  37. hi i’m Mouad from MOROCCO, great work brother, keep it up, you the besttttt :)

  38. if the REAL talented shadowville producers dont tagg their shit. who u think u are to do it??

  39. why would you have to test the beat before you buy it? youre not buying a car… how will it sound it depends on you and mixing/mastering skills of the producer, not the beat… its good that he tags them. btw great work man, keep up… 5/5

  40. I’d rate it higher if there were no tags.

  41. wow i love this melody!!!! great job sean divine!

  42. ya.. i vote you re-upload your beats without the random tags popping up

  43. THe beak is pure sickness but wtf is up with the tags homie

  44. To snabbast133 Sinima Has Been Updating On Here Just Not Any West Coast Who I Wanna Hear More Of Is Smoke And Todd

  45. This Beat Is Sick As Hell And About The Tags It Dosent Mess Me Up Unless Your Tagging Like Beat Catererz They Tag Way To Much

    @semimoto, I gotta side with you

  46. ur name sucks!! leave it out

  47. i like this shit too
    i understand u gotta tag to protect your beats, but could you at least lower the volume of it so it doesn’t stand out of any rapping THAT noticeably… people gotta rap over it as a test before deciding to buy you know

  48. Man This Was GREAT ! but i gotta question one thing, WHAT THE HELL happend to all the west coast beats ? Man.. only pop, RNB East Coast N Underground Shit right now.. God Dam Shadowville… I Think U Forgot About The West Coast Beats… Thats the only Beats Who Bangs N Shit G, Wheres Sinima Wheres All Thoose Guys ? Cant Se Ya No More.. Ahhh.. Would Be Happy With Some West Coast Beats, Fuck Pop, That Shits For Girls Man..

  49. Dope.

  50. co sign, that sean divine thing would throw off my flow. this one is jus aight.

  51. these tracks would be good without the sean divine parts… i understand that people don’t credit individual producers and only but i personally credit individual artists.. and with those random sean divine vocals, it would throw me off my flow..

    anyways, 5/5, but only for listening to

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