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Shut It Down

Nov 15 2009 | BPM: 82 | Producer: Sean Divine
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19 Feedback

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Dark pianos, playful synth lines and eerie effects on this street instrumental.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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19 Feedback to “Shut It Down”

  1. one of ur best beats man keep it underground

  2. I love how all of you have to criticize on work YOU DIDN’T EVEN FUCKIN PUT TIME INTO!!, yeah anyone can sit down and write lyrics but do you honestly have the profession to sit down and do this shyt? no, so close up that fuckin pussy of yours and respect that these guys are actually doing this for us and to make themselves money for havin talent like this.


  3. @ozzyinsane

    learn english bro

    Nice beat !

    4/5 =/

  4. yo you did your thing on this beat cuzo and since im the only real nigga commentin your shit fuck these haters keep it moving my dude

  5. fuck all ya’ll

  6. yup yup i digg it regaurdless of what anyone says… Imma just loop it right before the tags so it don’t make no difference to me. those half dead mufukaz. 5/5* fukem

  7. i’m from Morocco

    this beat is very goooooood, dont listen to this fuckin gays in the comments, you the best, big bigest upppppp my brother ;)

  8. if the REAL talented shadowville producers dont tagg their shit. who u think u are to do it??

  9. the tags are very bad. But its a good beat.

  10. I’d rate it higher if it wasn’t for the tags.

  11. papap you’re a moron, those kind of comments should be on soundclick

  12. Most garbage producer on shadowville

  13. I’m digging this. Kind of has that 80’s horror meets super nintendo vibe.


  15. I Think Theres Less Tags Than On His Soundclick But This Beat Is Dope

  16. oh who gives a fuck.. atleast the vocal tag isn’t every couple seconds.. that shit is gay, this ain’t bad.. This beat is sick, sounds like a something that would be created if Dr. Dre and Timbaland collabed on a beat.. NASTAY!

  17. tag vocal bad!!

  18. Dope.

  19. Sean Divine, eh? Word.

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